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The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Its hot mineral springs, countless museums, and rich Roman history make it the perfect paradise for tourists. There are numerous destinations to explore in this city, and it would still not quench the desires of an avid explorer. Sofia has unique buildings and churches surrounded by the astonishing Vitosha Mountain. Book flights to Sofia with IndiGo and get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Sofia.

Flights from India to Bulgaria are available at reasonable prices on the IndiGo website. Sofia is the prime destination for anyone exploring different parts of Bulgaria. A few of the most famous bridges, Eagles and Lions, are part of the glorious Viennese-style architecture in this city. Several aspects of this place make it sacred. It serves as the commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and cultural centre. Because of that, Sofia is a rich city to plan a trip to.

India to Sofia flight information

  • Distance between India and Sofia: The aerial distance between India and Sofia is 5,688 km.
  • India to Sofia flights: There are several international flights that IndiGo operates from India to Sofia.
  • India to Sofia flight timings: India to Sofia flights are available at different timings. The flight timing information is available on the IndiGo website and mobile application.
  • Flights to Sofia from India: Book flights to Sofia from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai airports.

Sofia: the Roman legacy

Sofia, the vibrant capital of Bulgaria, is massive and filled with life. It has the energy of the future and technological prowess. Sofia's well-connected locality and clean streets are a testament to that. On the other hand, Sofia has reliably preserved its history and remnants of the Roman Empire. Various Churches and well-kept Museums add to the overall beauty of this place. The gigantic and beautiful mountains preserve it from all sorts of harm. Because of this, Sofia is a masterpiece of land in today’s age. 

Sofia travel guide

  • St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: Spread over 3,170 square metres (34,100 sq ft), St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was named after the Russian prince Saint Alexander Nevsky (1221-1263). It was built in honour of those who sacrificed their lives during the Russo-Turkish war. It was during that time when Bulgaria was liberated from the Ottoman Empire. This Cathedral is an exemplary ode to their efforts and the sentiments of Bulgarians. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a must-visit for anyone exploring Sofia.
  • Mount Vitosha: Just behind Sofia’s southwestern suburbs, Mount Vitosha saunters through this beautiful piece of land. It is an ideal place for skiing, and a shining ski resort is attached. This mountain is perfect for trekking and spending some time at the peaks of this legendary mountain. Vitosha’s black peak is an ideal spot for a trek as it isn’t too steep. Mount Vitosha is a perfect place to witness the glorious sunset.
  • Sofia Central Mineral Baths: Sofia Central Mineral Baths are part of the Sofia Regional Historical Museum. This Neo-Byzantine building is a perfect place to spend time and drink some natural mineral water. Until 1986, these baths were used by locals to have saunas, relaxation therapies, and massages. This part of the Museum is aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Pirotska Street: With over 100 restaurants, stores, and entertainment options, Sofia’s city centre is one of the most lively places in this city. There are brilliant shops to take some mind off and do some shopping. Various trolleybuses, trams, and metro options are available in this part of the city. Banitza and Shopska salad are a few of the most relished dishes on this street.
  • Boyana Church: Boyana Church is one of the oldest churches in Sofia. This Medieval Orthodox Bulgarian Church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. The frescoes in this church are one of the most important collections of mediaeval paintings. It was painted in 1259. Boyan Church is said to be constructed over a period of 400 years and is an undeniable site in Sofia.
  • Borisova Gradina Park:Borisova Gradina Park is undoubtedly beautiful. Its construction began in 1884 and is named after Bulgaria's Tsar Boris III. People of all generations come here to participate in outdoor activities like jogging and cycling. There are also some onsite sports facilities available. The Summer Swimming bath, football fields, and several picnic spots are flourishing here.

Sofia airport information

Sofia International Airport (SOF) is one of the biggest airports in Bulgaria. There are several options for food and beverage and shopping. There are two Terminals at the airport. Wizz Air and other charter flights mainly use Terminal 1. Terminal 2, on the other hand, is used by various airlines. Buses, trams, and metros are readily available to reach the airport from the city centre.

Important details to remember while travelling to Sofia

  • Flight Booking - Book your flights from India to Bulgaria through IndiGo to get a lower airfare.
  • Leave for the airport early - It is advisable to reach the airport at least three hours earlier to catch the flight easily. 
  • Baggage allowance - Check with IndiGo for the baggage allowance while travelling to international destinations.
  • Visa and immigration - Indian citizens must have a visa to enter Sofia legally. Basic documents apart from passports and tickets are asked for while applying for the same. 
  • Flight connection - If you have connecting flights, check your flight timings and duration of layovers.

FAQs about Flights to Sofia

Are there flights from India to Sofia?

Yes, you can now book connecting India to Sofia flights on IndiGo.

How do I get from Sofia airport to the city centre?

Metro, buses, and trams are regularly available at the airport exit.

What is the best time to visit Sofia?

May, June, and September are considered pleasant months to explore Sofia.

Can I carry extra baggage while travelling through IndiGo?

Yes. One additional hand baggage or purse is allowed. Its weight should be at most 3 kg.

Can passengers book snacks in IndiGo?

Yes, passengers can book snacks online through the “change booking” section on IndiGo’s homepage.

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