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The coastal city of Bulgaria, Varna, is the third largest and a part of the oldest civilisations in Europe. A few of the ancient original gold artefacts lie in this land. Some of them are as old as 4200 B.C. It is a port city and one of the safest places to spend holidays. The city is known for its wonderful hospitality and magnificent beaches. Book flights to Varna through IndiGo to avail yourself of the best prices and an opportunity to explore this unique land. 

Flights from India to Bulgaria are available at different timings on the IndiGo website. Passengers get a perfect opportunity to book flights online conveniently and explore Bulgaria's culture and cuisine. Tutmanik, Buhti, Kavarma, Mish-mash, and Fish Zelnik are a must-try on this Bulgarian land. The finest restaurants fill the city centre of Varna, providing food enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience.

India to Varna flight information

  • Distance between India and Varna: The aerial distance between India and Varna is 4,652 km.
  • India to Varna flights: There are numerous international flights from different places that IndiGo operate to Varna.
  • India to Varna flight timings: India to Varna flights are available at different timings. They can be checked through the IndiGo website and mobile application.
  • Flights to Varna from India: Book flights to Varna from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai airports.

Varna: the coastal paradise

Varna, the pre-Ottoman city, has had a long history of persistence. Varna has so far managed to preserve the relics of its various influences and is also an example of collaboration. Different cultures have bloomed over all these years on this land. Several artistic and cultural exhibitions have kept Varna filled with surprises. Music, ballet, opera, animated picture presentations, and theatres have kept this place striving. It also becomes a crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East. The various beaches and thermal springs make it a perfect place to get some time off and enjoy the waves.

Varna travel guide

  • Sea Garden: Sea Garden is the Bulgarian port city of Varna’s largest and oldest known public park. The Natural Science Museum, the Naval Museum, and the Copernicus Astronomy Complex planetarium form the core of this place. It is filled with fun activities and various things to do. There is a swimming pool, tennis courts, water wheels, and more. It is a perfect place to spend some time with family and friends.
  • Aladzha Monastery: Aladzha Monastery is a mediaeval Orthodox Christian cave monastery complex. It is 17 km to the north of Central Varna, and it is simply stunning. Miniature models, souvenirs, and information materials are sold at this place. A few of the rare tree species lie around the monastery. This inspiring historical and religious place is a must-visit.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin: Constructed in the 19th century, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is home to a few of the most riveting murals and stained glass. It is the largest building in Varna and Bulgaria's third-largest cathedral. It is the residence of the Bishopric of Varna and symbolises the essence of this city. This cathedral is a sight to glance around.
  • Varna Archaeological Museum: To learn more about the rich history of Bulgaria, Varna Archaeological Museum is a must-visit. The museum houses the oldest evidence of palaeolithic times to the oldest working gold reserve. This museum holds the remnants of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and other rich eras of Bulgarian history.
  • Dolphinarium: As the name suggests, Dolphinarium is the perfect place to witness awe-inspiring shows of dolphins. It’s advisable to book the tickets online and then head towards this distinctive place. Dolphinarium is located in the Saltanat district. It is a huge attraction for a significant number of tourists every year. 
  • Stone Forest: Located 18 km west of Varna, Stone Forest is a spectacular place to witness massive pillars and stones. They are as high as 10 m. It is the only place where archaeologists found evidence of human civilisation during the Mesolithic period. These stones are said to have been developed through natural factors like wind and waves. The result of these forces is this natural miracle.

Varna airport information

Varna Airport (VAR) is the third largest airport in Bulgaria. It is located 10 km from the centre of Varna. It has served as a significant contributor to the communication hub of northeast Bulgaria. There are three Terminals at the airport. Terminal 2 is regularly used by travellers alike. A few of the best hotels are situated near the airport. Public transportation, cab rentals, and taxis are available around the airport.

Important things to remember while travelling to Varna

  • Flight Booking - Book your flights from India to Bulgaria in advance to avail yourself of lower airfare.
  • Leave for the airport early - It is advisable to reach the airport at least three hours prior before the actual flight timing. 
  • Baggage allowance - Check with IndiGo for the baggage allowance for international destinations.
  • Visa and immigration - Indian citizens must have a visa to enter Varna legally. Basic documents apart from passports and tickets are asked for, while applying for the same. 
  • Flight connection - If you have connecting flights, it is advisable to check flight timings and duration of layovers.

FAQs about Flights to Varna

Are there flights from India to Varna?

Yes. You can now book connecting India to Varna flights on IndiGo.

How do I get from Varna airport to the city centre?

Public transportation and taxis are available outside the airport to reach the city centre.

What are the services offered by IndiGo?

IndiGo offers services like Excess baggage, Travel assistance, 6E Bar, 6E Seat and Eat, etc.

Can passengers book snacks in IndiGo?

Yes, passengers can book snacks online through the “change booking” section on IndiGo’s homepage.

What is the best time to visit Varna?

The best time to visit Varna is between May and October.

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