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Explore one of the United Kingdom’s most popular cities, London, with an IndiGo flight. The city is a wonderful place filled with culture, history, art, and more. There is so much to see and do in this city, and with IndiGo codeshare flights from India to London, you can make the most of it. Most flights to London depart from Indian cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Before you book your flight, check for travel deals and the lowest airfares. You can also become a 6E Rewards member, and avail offers on entertainment and hotel stays.

Modern architectural marvels like the ancient alleys of the Shard Line, that are dotted with historic buildings, upscale shops, and award-winning theatres are what make London so special. Additionally, the city has some of the most famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Another feature of London that make it a much-loved destination are its gardens and open spaces, overlooking the city. If that's not enough to ignite the zest to explore London, walk along the Millennium Bridge while soaking in the breeze from the River Thames.

India to London flight information

  • Distance between India and London: The aerial distance between India and London is 6,704 km.
  • India to London flights: There are many international flights that operate from India to London on a regular basis.
  • India to London flight timings: India to London flights are available at regular intervals. The timings are available on the IndiGo website and mobile app.
  • India to London flight ticket price: India to London flight tickets range from INR 30,000 to INR 60,000. The price may differ based on when you book your flight.
  • Multiple flights to London from India: Delhi to London, Mumbai to London, Chandigarh to London and others.

Hello, London! 

Boasting magnificent palaces, ancient buildings, world-class museums, excellent restaurants, and shops, London attracts millions of visitors each year. Preserving its classical architecture and traditions, this cosmopolitan city maintains a harmony of old and new. Elegant high-rise buildings are lined with stately old buildings, and expansive gardens and parks to soak in the beauty of the city. 

London travel guide

  • Buckingham Palace: Buckingham Palace, home of the royals and one of Britain's most iconic buildings is the scene for London's most popular ceremony, the Changing of the Guard. The precision marching and a musical performance is held at 11:30 a.m. at St. James's Palace. This procession attracts large crowds in all seasons. 
  • Tower Bridge: Rising 200 feet above the River Thames, one of London's most famous landmarks, is the Tower Bridge. You can get the best views of the city lights and the River Thames from here. So, don’t forget to click a picture here.
  • British Museum: The British Museum has one of the world's finest collections, with priceless items from Assyria, Babylonia, China, Europe, and more. This sprawling attraction is among the best places to visit. Most visitors explore famous exhibits like the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, colossal bust of Ramesses II, 4th-century Roman silver (the Mildenhall Treasure), and Egyptian mummies.
  • Trafalgar Square: One of the popular squares in London is Trafalgar Square, which was built to commemorate Sir Horatio Nelson's victory over France and Spain in 1805. Nelson's Column, a 54-metre-tall granite monument, towers over the Square's fountain and bronze reliefs cast from French cannons. Other than that, it is a good place to hang out, and explore the cafés and shops around the Square.
  • The Shard: The Shard has established itself as one of London's most famous and visited landmarks since opening in 2012. Nearly 95 stories high, this remarkable building, named for its resemblance to a shard of glass, dominates the skyline, but thanks to its charming design, it's easy to see its neighbours. 

London airport information

London Heathrow (LHR) and London Gatwick (LGW) are the two major airports, which are located around 40 minutes and one hour, respectively, from the city centre. Over 60+ airlines fly in and out from all over the world, making Heathrow the busiest airport in the UK. Getting to the city is not difficult since transport options like buses, taxis, and trains are easily available.

Important points to remember while travelling to London

  • Flight booking - Make advance reservations to get low-cost IndiGo flights to London from India
  • Connecting flights - Most international flights have connecting flights, so make sure to check your flight and its duration of layover while booking 
  • Visas and immigration - You need a UK visa and immigration to visit Birmingham. Make sure to keep your travel documents, like your passport, with you to ensure a hassle-free process at immigration
  • Leave for the airport early - Arrive at the airport at least three hours in advance for international flights
  • Baggage allowance - Check the baggage allowance section to know how much your check-in and carry-on bags can weigh while travelling on an IndiGo flight

FAQs about Flights to London

From which airport can I travel from Delhi to London?

You can travel from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for flights to London Gatwick Airport or London Heathrow Airport.

How to avoid the check-in queue at the airport?

You can avoid the check-in queue at the airport by doing a web check-in.

What products are prohibited on an international flight between India and United Kingdom?

There are various items that an airline does not allow you to carry, either in check-in luggage or cabin/hand baggage.

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