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Thanks to IndiGo, planning a trip abroad is easy. Now, you can travel to several famous international destinations  such as Milan with IndiGo’s codeshare flights to Italy. For cheap India to Milan flights, you can visit the official website, Additionally, you can become a member of 6E Rewards which allows you to receive various benefits such as flight deals and discounts.

While Milan (Milano) may not be the first city that tourists think of when planning a trip to Italy, it has a lot more to offer, not to mention history. Some of the most famous artists, like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, created beautiful masterpieces here, and designer Giorgio Armani lived and worked in Milan aswell.. All this history, not to mention the considerable wealth generated by its privileged commercial location, has left Milan with a wealth of artistic, cultural, and architectural treasures for you to enjoy.

India to Milan flight information

  • Distance between India and Milan: The aerial distance between India and Milan is 6,135 km.
  • India to Milan flights: There are several codeshare flights  that IndiGo operates from India to Milan.
  • India to Milan flight timings: India to Milan IndiGo flights are available at regular intervals. You can check the IndiGo website for detailed information.
  • India to Milan flight ticket price: India to Milan flight tickets range from INR 40,000 to INR 80,000. However, the cost may differ depending on when you book your tickets.
  • Multiple flights to Milan from India: Delhi to Milan, Mumbai to Milan, Chennai to Milan and others.

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Hello, Milan!

Milan  is a magnet for artists, photographers, designers, and models. After all, this is the most fashionable city in Italy where fashion meets art, culture, and cuisine. The architecture of this city is breathtaking. From the Duomo to the La Scala opera house to the Sforzesco castle and Vittorio Emanuele II shopping district, it is a city that absorbs the beauty of history. Milan is the perfect place to come and experience Italy first-hand, with its delicious cuisine, distinctive art galleries, stunning fashion, and towering cathedrals.

Milan travel guide

  • Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper: We all know Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper." It is one of the most famous works of art that can be seen in Santa Maria delle Grazie. Bramante designed this brick Gothic church with a touch of early Renaissance architecture. But remember to buy your admission ticket in advance, as people come to see this fresco from all over the world.
  • Milan Cathedral: Also known as Il Duomo, this imposing Church of Santa Maria Nascente is one of the largest in the country. It is said to be able to hold up to 40,000 people. With its resplendent Gothic architecture, the Cathedral of Milan displays a number of marble statues, finely-carved stone minarets, a seven-pronged bronze lampstand, and Gian's tomb.
  • Castello Sforzesco: One of the city's most famous attractions is Castello Sforzesco, built in 1368 and renovated in 1450. The 70-metre-high Torre de Filarete is the main fortified tower and entrance to the park of the castle. Their in-house museum has several collections, such as decorative art, prehistoric art, and Egyptian antiquities.
  • Sant''Ambrogio: The beauty of historic churches is remarkable in Milan. Sant'Ambrogio, built in the 12thcentury, is no exception with its Romanesque architecture and magnificent lobby and atrium. Inside the church, be sure to see the pulpit (an elevated stand on which preachers can stand) with intricate Romanesque carvings and a Christian sarcophagus from the 5th
  • Naviglio: To experience Milanese nightlife, you must visit Naviglio. With canal cafés, this is a place where locals can hang out. The place is at its best in the evenings with music playing in every bar, and restaurants serving delicious Italian and international cuisine.

Milan airport information

Milan is one of the most popular cities in Italy. The city has three major airports like Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport, and Orio al Serio Airport. Out of this, Malpensa Airport  (MXP) is the main airport where IndiGo codeshare flights operate to and from. This airport receives regular IndiGo codeshare flights from India. Milan's Malpensa Airport is around 40 km away. To get to Milan from Malpensa Airport, there are two train routes (the Malpensa Express and Trenitalia).

Important points to remember while travelling to Milan

  • Visa and immigration- To visit Milan in Italy, you require a Schengen visa . Always bear in mind to keep your travel documents, like your passport, with you to ensure a hassle-free process at immigration
  • Flight booking- To get low-cost IndiGo flights to Milan from India, make advance reservations
  • Connecting flights- Make sure to check your connecting flight and its duration of layover while booking international flights
  • Leave for airport early- Arrive at the airport at least three hours in advance for international flights
  • Baggage allowance- To know about the weight of the baggage allowed on your IndiGo flight, check the official website

FAQs about Flights to Milan

Are there direct flights from Delhi to Milan?

There are flights from Delhi to Milan, operated by Turkish Airlines.

Do I need a Schengen visa to visit Italy?

Yes, you need a Schengen visa to visit Italy.

What is the flight duration from Delhi to Milan?

The flight duration from Delhi to Milan may take around 11 to 14 hours, depending on the flight you book.

When is the best time to visit Milan?

The best time to visit Milan is from June to August.

How many airports are there in Milan?

Milan has three airports, Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport, and Orio al Serio Airport. Out of these, Malpensa Airport is considered the main entry hub for international travellers.

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