Kadapa Domestic Airport (CDP)

Get ready to take to the skies with IndiGo 6E at Kadapa Airport. Find affordable flights to Kadapa on the IndiGo website as well as a slew of additional information including your flight details, airport information and check-in procedures.

Kadapa is a small city with a big history, being ruled over by various dynasties including the Pallavas, Chalukyas and Cholas. It is derived from the Telugu word Gadapa, meaning gateway or threshold. Kadapa forms the gateway to the Tirumala hills and is located near the Penna River in Andhra Pradesh. The city and its surrounding region are popular for a large number of ancient Hindu temples that feature intricate architecture. Within the city, Devuni Kadapa (‘Old Kadapa’) offers some great sightseeing with the likes of the popular Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy temple. Nearby attractions include the Gandikota Fort area overlooking the gorge of the Penna River, along with other historical ruins. For an in-depth look at the attractions in Kadapa, be sure to check out our Kadapa destination guide

  • Kadapa Airport is the closest airport to the city, just 10 km north of the city centre
  • The airport has a low elevation of just 430 ft above sea level
  • Kadapa Airport was originally spelt Cuddapah, a remnant of British rule

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Terminal information for Kadapa Airport

  • Kadapa Airport was constructed in 1953 and has been receiving significant upgrades and modernisation throughout the decades
  • The airport now has a 2 km long runway capable of handling larger aircraft like the ATR 42 and ATR 72  
  • Since 2015, regular flights were available to Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada, however, these were cancelled as in 2021
  • IndiGo has agreed with the government of Andhra Pradesh to operate flights from this airport
  • Improvements to the airport have resulted in a capacity for 100 passengers during peak hours  
  • The Kadapa Airport is a regional type airport operating only domestic flights, with IndiGo taking over the flight operations, this erratic airport will start to have regular routes once more

With an impeccable record of on-time performance, IndiGo is currently developing flight routes to Kadapa Airport to better serve this region. Additionally, IndiGo services nearby airports in Andhra Pradesh like Tirupati (direct flights from Bengaluru, Madurai, Kolhapur) and Kurnool (direct flights from Bengaluru, Chennai, Visakhapatnam). With IndiGo you can avail affordable flights to all parts of Andhra Pradesh, including Kadapa!


Facilities at Kadapa Airport

For convenient, stress-free travel, Kadapa Airport has the following facilities:

  • Access to wheelchairs.
  • First aid and medical facilities (at Arrivals).
  • Free trolley use.
  • Mobile charging spots throughout the airport.
  • Washroom facilities.

Things to Do

While you wait at Kadapa Airport, here are some things to keep in mind

  • The airport is small and regional, be prepared for only the basic facilities on site
  • Kadapa Airport currently does not have any food stalls past the security counter, remember to carry your snacks  

Hotels near Kadapa Airport

If you plan on exploring the historical and natural sights in the city, you’ll need to find appropriate stay options in Kadapa. While it is a small city, there are several budget-luxury options in and around the city to choose from. These typically have all the standard facilities as well as easy access to the city itself. Here are a few top choices:

  • Hotel Grand Inn: Just 9 km from the airport, Hotel Grand Inn is located close to the main Kadapa Railway Station and offers some of the best rooms in the city. Wi-Fi, breakfast and air conditioning are complimentary. The hotel provides a bellboy service along with clean and well-appointed rooms. People choose this hotel for its proximity to Kadapa Railway Station and the bustling city centre.
  • Manasa Inn: Manasa Inn is a budget-friendly, family hotel with a 3-star rating. The hotel comes with the perk of being very close to one of Kadapa’s most famous tourist attractions, Ameen Peer Dargah Shrine. The hotel features Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TVs and room service. It has a restaurant on-site as well.
  • Blue Diamond Hotel: Blue Diamond Hotel is another budget option along the Kadapa Railway Station road with room service, modern furnishings, comfy bedding and an elegant design. The hotel is located in an excellent spot with easy accessibility to Hanuman Temple and Devuni Kadapa.
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