Airports in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is one of the most visited countries in Europe that never fails to mesmerize tourists with its ethereal beauty. The place has evolved as an ideal international destination for holidaymakers and thus to cater to this increasing tourist demand, it is the airports in Ireland that become the focal point for all travellers to commute conveniently.

Ireland is blessed with a good number of airports making it easier for passengers to discover the best of this picturesque country. So, if you are planning for a fun-filled Irish vacation and want to know all about the place, here’s a little guide for you.

All about the Republic of Ireland

Counted as one of the most exciting destinations, the Republic of Ireland in Europe remains frequented by travellers. Home to some of the best monuments, mighty peaks, jaw-dropping castles and more makes this place even more fascinating. A visit to Ireland offers tourists mesmerizing views of nature and the lush-green landscape simply adds to it.

On the other hand, Ireland also boasts of a number of delectable cuisines. From Irish coffee to Guinness Beer, the place has some of the best beverages to offer. Moreover, the friendly vibes of this Irish country are such that travellers can easily chill out with their family and friends. Excited already? Hold on, we also have a list of some of the best places to visit to make your trip memorable.

Best places to visit in the Republic of Ireland

  • Dublin: The capital city of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin has so many things in store that days will fall short to explore the place in its entirety. From Dublin Zooto to Ha’penny Bridge, there’s so much to explore in this Irish capital. History buffs can visit The National Museum of Ireland, party lovers can chill at Temple Bar and religious souls can seek solace at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Also, do not forget to shop for some unique artefacts from Dublin Flea Market.
  • Cork City: After Dublin, it is Cork City that is on the list of best Irish cities. Cork City is home to a number of jaw-dropping beaches such as Rocky Bay, Myrtleville, Dock beach and many more. Moreover, adding to the highlights of the place are the numerous pubs and cafes which brings vim and vigour to Cork City.
  • Sligo: Sligo is one of the best places to soak in natural beauty. Apart from its picturesque landscape, Sligo is also the city to satiate your love for adventure. Tourists enjoy surfing at the Surfer Paradise. Some of the places to visit in Sligo are Lough, Parke’s Castle, Sligo Abbey and a lot more.
  • Waterford:To get a slice of Irish culture, visiting Waterford in Ireland is a must. This port city is lined with castles, elegant towers, scenic gardens and the list goes on. Viking Museum, Rock of Cashel, Lismore, Christ Church Cathedral and Treasures of Medieval Waterford are some of the tourist attractions in Dublin.

Overview of the airports in the Republic of Ireland

To make travelling to the Republic of Ireland an easy affair, here is a list of the most-sought after airports. Out of all these, IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines operates only to the Dublin Airport.

1. Dublin Airport

The Dublin Airport is one of the top-rated airports in the European continent. This international airport is operated by the Dublin Airport Authority and is one of the busiest airports. It ranks as the 12th busiest airport in Europe and can withstand as many as 32 million passengers. A number of airlines from all over have flights to this famous airport.

The construction of the Dublin Airport started in 1937 in order to open a civil airport in Dublin. The airport was inaugurated in 1940, however, the operations ceased during the Second World War and only resumed in 1945. Over the years the Dublin Airport became a part of several renovation projects for making the airport more equipped.

The airport expanded to manifolds to cater to the increasing number of passengers for both tourism and business purposes. The Dublin Airport offers round the clock arrival and departure and has facilities like free Wi-Fi, lounge, baby rooms, pharmacy and many more.

For a complete lowdown of the airport, visit our Dublin Airport page.

  • Airport address: Dublin, Ireland
  • Airport code: DUB

2. Cork Airport

The Cork Airport ranks as the third busiest airport in the Republic of Ireland. It is located at a distance of 7 km from the Cork City Centre. Cork Airport was officially inaugurated in 1961 and it was in 1978 when it was equipped with additional check-in areas, arrival and departure areas, information desk, etc. The airport also has eateries and shopping hubs for the delight of travellers.

  • Airport address:Kinsale Rd, Cork, Ireland
  • Airport code: ORK

3. Donegal Airport

The Donegal Airport is another one on the list of popular airports in the Republic of Ireland. It is also known as the Carrickfinn Airport and has also been voted as the “world’s most scenic landing spot” for three consecutive years. The city of Donegal has a number of tourist attractions to offer such as Sliabh Liag, Fanad Lighthouse, Tory Island and many more.

  • Airport address: Braade, Carrickfinn, Co. Donegal, F94 X2RH, Ireland
  • Airport code: CFN

4. Shannon Airport

The Shannon Airport serves the midwest region in Ireland. It has also been recognized as the “world’s first duty-free airport” that opened in 1947. The airport is also equipped with Ireland’s longest runway and has facilities like a parking area, numerous check-in counters, free Wi-Fi and several more. The Dublin Airports Authority is responsible for the management of the airport.

  • Airport address: Clare, Ireland
  • Airport code: SNN

5. Kerry Airport

The last airport that needs a mention in this list is the Kerry Airport which is alternatively also called the Farranfore Airport. The airport officially opened its doors for passengers in 1968 and the first airline offered flights in 1969. The airport has both domestic and international flights to different destinations for the ease of travellers.

  • Airport address: Kerry Airport, Farranfore, Kerry, Ireland
  • Airport code: KIR

Popular IndiGo flights to the Republic of Ireland from India

Planning a dream to an Irish island? If so, then keep your worries aside as IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines has flights from Delhi to the Republic of Ireland. The details of the flights from Delhi to Dublin can be checked from our website and the air tickets can also be directly booked from there. Alternatively, passengers can download the IndiGo mobile app for booking their air tickets to Dublin. Passengers can get tickets to Dublin throughout the year as it is a year-round destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the key airport in the Republic of Ireland?

The Dublin International Airport is the key airport in the Republic of Ireland.

Does IndiGo offer flights to Dublin?

Yes, IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines has flights from Delhi to Dublin.

How far is the Dublin Airport from Dublin City Centre?

Dublin Airport is located at a distance of 11 km from Dublin City Centre.

What is the currency of the Republic of Ireland?

Euro is the official currency of the Republic of Ireland.

Can I get student discounts while travelling to Dublin with IndiGo?

Yes, IndiGo offers student discounts to all the students boarding their Dublin flights with IndiGo.

Is it mandatory to do web check-in?

Yes, according to government guidelines, web check-in is now mandatory for both domestic and international flights.

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