Airports in Kuwait

This international destination is quite a progressive country as compared to its Gulf neighbours. The airports in Kuwait are a justification of how the country has developed positively in terms of tourism. As Kuwait serves as a major reservoir of oil, many passengers visit the place for commercial reasons. Owing to all of these, the airports in Kuwait have grown leaps and bounds to cater to the needs of their travellers. If you want to know all about the airports in Kuwait and things to do in Kuwait, don’t worry as we have got everything covered for you.

Overview of the airports in Kuwait

Situated at the tip of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is home to a total of 3 airports. However, it has only one international airport which brings tourists from all over the world. 

A list of airports in Kuwait has been enumerated below:

  • Kuwait International Airport
  • Ahmad al-Jaber Air Base
  • Ali Al Salem Air Base

Kuwait International Airport

The Kuwait International Airport is situated about 16 km from the city centre of Kuwait city. This military cum commercial airport is located in Kuwait City and shares its base with the Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base and Kuwait Air Force Museum. It mainly serves the Kuwait City and has facilities of taxis and cabs for offering passengers the comfort of hassle-free transfers. IndiGo and a number of other airlines offer flights to the Kuwait International Airport. 

The airport was opened in the late 1920s for British use, however, it was only in 1979 when the airport was fully opened for public use. The Kuwait International Airport even served as a major site for the tank battle during the Gulf war. It underwent several expansion projects in order to handle a huge number of passenger traffic. According to reports, the airports will soon be equipped with a total of 5 terminals for passenger ease. 

For a complete lowdown of the airport, visit our Kuwait airport page

  • Airport address: Kuwait International Airport, Ghazali Rd, Kuwait
  • Code: KWI

Popular IndiGo flights to Kuwait

Offering a plethora of flights to Kuwait, passengers get a lot of options while booking their tickets with IndiGo.

Ahmedabad: There is a direct flight from Ahmedabad to Kuwait that takes a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes to traverse the total distance.

Chennai: IndiGo has both direct and connecting flights from Chennai to Kuwait. The minimum time taken by the direct flight is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Kochi: There is one direct flight from Kochi to Kuwait and passengers boarding the flights from Kochi can reach the Kuwait International airport in 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Delhi: It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes for the IndiGo flight from Delhi to Kuwait International Airport.

What is Kuwait famous for?

Tucked between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and renowned as the major reserves of oil, Kuwait is a country dotted with gleaming skyscrapers, historical museums, and a lot more. From offering a chance to partake in adventurous activities to getting a chance to know about the local history of the place, Kuwait has a lot in store for its travellers. There are vibrant markets for shopping fanatics, renowned eateries for foodies, spiritual sites for religious souls and the list goes on. So, stay a step forward and discover the charm of Kuwait with IndiGo.

Top 5 cities in Kuwait for an amazing experience

  • Kuwait City: Kuwait City is one of the biggest cities of Kuwait that is blessed with an alluring coastline. The city has a rich history and there are many places to explore in Kuwait City such as the Grand Mosque, Kuwait Towers, The Avenues, etc.
  • Hawalli: Another prominent city to visit in Kuwait is Hawalli. It is also the commercial centre and is thus frequented by a good number of tourists. A few places to explore in Hawalli are Bait Al Outhman Museum, Al-Muzini Mosque and Escape land.
  • Salmiyah: Salmiyah is a hidden gem that is a heaven for shopping fanatics. A display of Arabic culture is evident in exploring the nook and corners of the place. Kuwaiti Maritime Museum, Boulevard Mall, Abdullah Alsalem Cultural Centre are some of the places to visit in Salmiyah.
  • Jahra: Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Jahra is a prominent city in Kuwait. It is the capital of Al Jahrah province and owing to the oil reserves has grown as a major site for business purposes. Do not miss the chance to visit the Kuwait Red Fort and interact with the locals to know more about the place.
  • Safat: Lined with a number of plush hotels and restaurants, Safat is a city that boasts of luxuries. Some of the tourist attractions in Safat are the Science and Natural History Museum, Bayt Al-Sadu, Green Island and a few more.

Things to do in Kuwait

  • Indulge in a gastronomical adventure: Kuwait is a foodie’s paradise for offering some of the best dishes to relish. A few delicacies that you can try are harees, jireesh, maglooba, quozi and margoog and a lot more. All of these dishes are no less than a treat for your taste buds.
  • Admire the collections at the National Museum of Kuwait: The National Museum of Kuwait is a great place to learn about the rich history of Kuwait. Visitors stroll through the different halls in the museum to catch a glimpse of its architectural magnificence and some admire the rich collection of artifacts here. The museum is divided into four parts - Kuwait Heritage Museum, Boom Al Mouhallab, Archaeological Museum and Planetarium.
  • Laze around the beaches in Kuwait: Kuwait is a place that is decorated with a number of stunning beaches. Visitors can explore the beaches to capture the ethereal beauty of the beaches decorated with golden sands and turquoise blue water. So, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience tranquillity at Messilah Beach, Egaila Beach, Al Kout Beach and more.
  • Visit the Mirror House: Mirror House? Yeah, you have heard it right! It is the only house in the world that is covered with mirror mosaics. Each room of the house is built according to different themes and there’s an art gallery too for visitor’s entertainment. So, do not miss the chance to explore the grandeur of this one of a kind place that has now become a popular tourist attraction in Kuwait.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many commercial airports are there in Kuwait?

Kuwait has only one commercial airport.

From where can I get international flights in Kuwait?

The Kuwait International Airport is the only airport in Kuwait to offer international flights.

How many military-based airports are there in Kuwait?

There are two military-based airports: Ahmad al-Jaber Air Base and Ali Al Salem Air Base.

What is the best time to visit Kuwait?

November to April is considered the best time to visit Kuwait.

What is the currency of Kuwait?

The Kuwaiti dinar is the official currency of Kuwait.

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