Airports in Republic of Malta

Travellers from all over the world visit the Republic of Malta, a picturesque island country nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is one of the three islands of the Maltese archipelago. This place is of great historical significance and not to be missed out on is the local experience that the place offers. From megalithic temples to ancient fortresses, this country has something for everyone. Moreover, the fun of participating in water activities here counts as one of the best experiences for adventure lovers. 

Whether you are a history buff or are travelling to this spectacular international destination with your family, the city will never fail to impress you. But, to discover all of these, it is very crucial to know how to travel to the Republic of Malta. Although the place is not much explored, yet the mode of transportation here is great. Owing to the praiseworthy airports, airways remain the main mode of transportation on this scenic island. The airports in Republic of Malta do a great job by bringing tourists from different corners of the world. 

Want to know about the airports in detail? If so, here you go! We have also covered some of the best things to do in the Republic of Malta.

Overview of the airports in the Republic of Malta

This quaint and picturesque archipelago is served by only one commercial airport. It is the Malta International Airport that offers both international and domestic flights for enhancing connectivity to this hidden gem. IndiGo together with Turkish airlines offers flights to this major airport in the Republic of Malta. So, if you are planning a trip to this awe-inspiring island country, here’s everything you need to know.

Malta International Airport

The Malta International Airport is the main commercial airport that is located at a distance of about 8 km from the city centre. Serving the entirety of Maltese island, the Malta International Airport shares the same location as the Royal Air Force of Luqa. The Malta International Airport plc looks after the management and operation of this crucial airport. A number of airlines now offer connectivity to this airport in Europe. 

The airport came into complete operations only in 1992. Earlier, it was the Luqa passenger terminal that defined the air picture of the place. Now, the Malta International Airport is the most important airport in Malta and the Luqa terminal on the other hand only offers cargo facilities. There have been various refurbishing projects to make the airport more equipped, at present the airport can handle as many as 7 million passengers annually. The airport also shares its base with the Air Wing of the Armed Forces of Malta.

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  • Airport address: Luqa, LQA 4000, Malta
  • Airport code: MLA 

Terminal and runway information of the Malta International Airport

The Malta International Airport is equipped with two parallel runways and has a single terminal building. The present terminal was constructed in 1992 with the aid of the Maltese government. The building was designed to handle as many as 6 million passengers per year, however, after the revamping projects, the passenger withstanding capacity of the terminal has increased to manifolds. 

Some of the facilities which can be availed of at the airport are eateries, duty-free shops, baggage reclaim areas, Wi-Fi service, chapel service, currency exchange centre and the list continues.

Popular IndiGo flights to the Republic of Malta from India

Wondering how to book flights to the Republic of Malta with IndiGo? If so, then Delhi is the origin city for booking tickets to the Republic of Malta. The Delhi to Malta tickets can be directly booked from IndiGo's website or by downloading the mobile app of IndiGo. Passengers are also advised to visit the IndiGo airfare calendar regularly and also book their return tickets to save extra money. So, book Delhi to the Republic of Malta air tickets for a memorable and hassle-free journey.

About the Republic of Malta

Visiting the Republic of Malta means being treated with the best views of azure islands and clear blue sky. It is also the home to a number of hippie cafes for an amazing gastronomical adventure. Want to know more about things to do in the Republic of Malta? Don’t worry we have got all of it covered.

Things to do in the Republic of Malta

  • Take a tour of the capital city: Mdina, a bustling city of the Republic of Malta is a must-visit during a trip to this Maltese island. Nestled amidst a scenic hill, Mdina is a city of historical importance. History buffs cannot miss visiting the fortresses and museums in Mdina.
  • Visit the Casa Rocca Piccola: The Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta is a century-old palace. It was once the home to many aristocrats of Malta and now has been turned into a museum. Visitors can explore the different corners of the museum to catch a glimpse of unique artefacts, royal costumes and a few more.
  • Embark on a tour to Gozo: This pristine and rustic island is often considered the sister island of Malta. It is located just a few miles away from Malta and is easily accessible through ferry boats. The encompassing beauty of this island offering the best views of the turquoise blue water is truly a sight to behold. One can laze around the rugged coastline and even click a number of insta-worthy pictures against the scenic background.
  • Discover Fort St. Elmo: Fort St. Elmo offers a panoramic view of the Valletta harbour and is of great importance in the history of Malta. The fort played a major role during the Siege of Malta and numerous knights lost their lives at this place. So, the fort is a great source of insight into this crucial war in the history of Malta and must be visited by all the history buffs out there.

Best time to visit the Republic of Malta

The Republic of Malta is a year-round destination and can be explored during all times of the year. Depending on the weather, the best time to visit this charming archipelago is during the spring season. At this time the weather remains calm and favourable to explore the charm of the Republic of Malta in true essence. 

This period is also the time for annual events such as Festa Frwali, Medieval Mdina, International Fireworks Festival, etc which makes it all the more exciting place to visit Malta during this time. Moreover, the fun of water activities and the lush green beauty of the place can be best explored during Spring. So, consider visiting the Republic of Malta during the spring season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many airports are there in the Republic of Malta?

There is just one international airport in the Republic of Malta.

Can I get IndiGo flights to the Malta International Airport?

Yes, IndiGo offers flights to the Malta International Airport. However, IndiGo operates with its codeshare partner Turkish Airlines.

What is the local food of the Republic of Malta?

Some of the popular Maltese dishes include cassata, timpana, pastizzi, and a few more.

What are the popular annual festivals that are organized in the Republic of Malta?

Medieval Mdina, International Fireworks Festival and Festa Frwali are some of the annual festivals organized in the Republic of Malta.

What is the official language of Malta?

The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English.

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