Airports in Qatar

Decorated with gleaming skyscrapers, modern buildings and scenic landscapes, Qatar is one of the most visited cities in the Persian Gulf region and also one of the best international destinations. Offering experiences of desert safari, cultural activities, gastronomical adventure and so many more, Qatar remains frequented with tourists. Catering to this tourist footfall, Qatar has a good number of airports to contribute to this increasing tourism. 

The airports in Qatar are equipped with most of the modern facilities for passengers to have a smoother travel experience. Qatar has a total of 4 airports out of which three are civil airports and one of them is a military airport. Hamad International Airport is the only international airport in Qatar. 

So, here we have got the details about Hamad International Airport covered for you. IndiGo has flights to only Hamad International Airport in Doha.

Hamad International Airport in Doha

Serving both international and domestic flights, the Hamad International Airport is undoubtedly the best airport in the country. The Hamad International Airport earlier called the New Doha International Airport, replaced the Doha International Airport as Qatar’s sole international airport. After constant delays, the airport finally started operating flights for public use in the year 2014. 

The Hamad International Airport is decorated with elegant interiors, artwork and architectural magnificence to offer visual delights. Not just this, the airport also offers so many things to do that tourists can easily enjoy their waiting time at the airport. The airport designed with the oasis theme is quite enticing and aesthetic. Moreover, it is the hospitality offered at the airport that surely stands out from all the other things. 

  • Airport address: Doha, Qatar
  • Airport code: DOH 

History of the Hamad International Airport

After rigorous plannings and proposals, the construction of the Hamad International Airport began in 2005. The Hamad International Airport replacing the Doha International Airport opened its door for domestic and international flights in 2014. Soon, after the airport started its operation many airlines like IndiGo also channelized flights to the Hamad International Airport. 

The airport got its name from the former Emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. Also, the spatial structure of the airport is designed in such a way that it can handle huge traffic during the peak season.

Quick facts about the Hamad International Airport

  • of terminals - 1
  • Passenger capacity - 50 million per year
  • of check-in counters - 138
  • of security booths - 11
  • Location - Located 20 km from the Doha city
  • Speciality - Has in-house Qatar museum
  • Best time to visit- November to February 

To know about the facilities provided at the airport, visit our Doha airport page.

Things to do in Doha

  • Indulge in a shopping spree: A trip to Doha is incomplete without experiencing a shopping spree. Doha is lined up with numerous luxurious malls and local markets, making the place a heaven for all shopping enthusiasts. City Centre Mall, Lagoona Mall, Ezdan Mall and a few others are where tourists can shop at the luxury brand outlets. The Villaggio in Doha must be visited not only for shopping but also to witness the charm of the Venice themed mall. Do not forget to enjoy a gondola ride while you visit this mall.
  • Relish the local cuisines of the place: Travelling to Doha without relishing the local cuisines will make for an incomplete trip. So, gorge on the famous local cuisines of the place such as saloona, balaleet, majboos, luqaimat and a lot more. Tourists can also savour the street food of Doha which includes shawarma, crepe, khaboos, etc.
  • Visit Museum of Islamic Art: Famed for housing the largest collection of Islamic Art, the Museum of Islamic Art is a must-visit place in Doha. Visitors can marvel at the architectural beauty of the place and even gain a lot of insights into the Islamic culture. So, take some time out and witness the breathtaking views at the Museum of Islamic Art.
  • Gather historical insights at the Qatar National Museum: History buffs, this is the place for you - the Qatar National Museum in Doha. From being a part of exhibitions to witnessing a display of Arabic culture, the Qatar National Museum stands out from all the experiences in Doha. The museum was opened in 1975 and the entry fee of the museum is around 1000 INR.

Popular IndiGo flights to Hamad International Airport

IndiGo operates Doha flights from a number of Indian cities to the Hamad International Airport, some of which are listed below:

  • Mumbai: There are both direct and connecting flight on the Mumbai to Doha It takes 4 hours and 5 minutes for the direct flight from Mumbai to arrive at the Hamad International Airport.
  • Chennai: With no direct flight from Chennai to Doha, passengers can book international flights which take a minimum of 9 hours and 50 minutes to arrive at Doha.
  • Delhi: IndiGo offers as many as 30 flight from Delhi to Doha. However, passengers must book direct flights in order to arrive at the Hamad International Airport in the shortest time. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, IndiGo also offers flights from Kochi, Kozhikode, Chennai and Hyderabad. Passengers can book air tickets to Doha by directly visiting the IndiGo website or from the IndiGo mobile app too.

A list of other airports in Qatar

1. Doha Airport

The Doha Airport was the only international airport until Hamad International replaced it. It was formerly called the Doha International Airport and was built in the 1930s. The Doha Airport was also recognized as the 27th busiest airport in the world in 2010. As of now, the airport has a limited number of regional flights operated by select airlines. However, the airport is proposed to be refurbished to handle the FIFA World Cup traffic that the country will be hosting in 2022.

2. Al Khor Airport

This public airport in Qatar offers a number of regional destinations in Qatar. The Al Khor Airport is managed by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. Tourists landing at the Al Khor Airport can also explore the tourist attractions of the place such as Al Khor Park, Purple Island, Corniche Al Khor, and the list continues. 

Apart from this, there is one military airport in Doha. We hope this list of airports in Doha helped you to plan your travel plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the international airport in Doha?

Hamad International Airport in Doha serves international flights in Doha.

Does IndiGo offer flights to Hamad International airport?

Yes, IndiGo offers both direct and connecting flights to Hamad International Airport.

How can I travel in and around Doha?

Tourists can hire cabs or taxis for exploring the nooks and corners of Doha.

What is the best time to visit Doha?

The best time to visit Doha is November to February.

Which places can I visit in Doha?

Some of the places to visit in Doha are the State Grand Mosque, Souq Waqif, Museum of Islamic Art and a few more.

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