Airports in Singapore

Recognized as the world’s only island city-state, Singapore’s beauty is extremely captivating. Singapore is also famed as the “garden-city” and is largely influenced by Malay, Indian and Chinese culture. From offering entertainment to kids to serving as a business hub, Singapore has a lot in store for all. Singapore is one of the best international destinations that lets adventure junkies experience the thrill of water activities and on the other hand, it is also lined up with many popular tourist attractions. 

Singapore also boasts of grand skyscrapers, modern buildings and so many more. The stunning views of infrastructural magnificence are also witnessed at the different airports in Singapore. The airports in Singapore not only contribute immensely to tourism but also are aesthetically appealing too. 

So, for travellers to know about the airports in Singapore, here is a detailed guide.

Overview of the airports in Singapore

There are 2 commercial airports in Singapore that are responsible for the arrival and departure of hundreds of flights every day. The two airports are Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport that offer passengers the comfort of onboarding domestic and international flights. Apart from this, there are other airports in Singapore which however are not accessible for civilians. 

Some of these airports are enumerated below:

  • Changi Air Base
  • Paya Lebar Air Base
  • Sembawang Air Base
  • Tengah Air Base
  • Pulau Sudong Airport

Below is a detailed overview of the two major and commercial airports in Singapore.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi Airport or Changi Airport is famed as the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax. The airport also has several other accolades such as the world’s cleanest airport, the first airport for consecutively winning the best airport reward and a few more. The Singapore Changi Airport is also one of a kind for being the first airport garden in the world and has a jaw-dropping butterfly garden, cacti garden and sunflower garden too. 

Apart from the lush green garden, the airport is also the first to have its in-house waterfall which grants aesthetic appeal to the airport. It is also equipped with entertainment zones and slides for kids that make travellers enjoy a fun time at the airport too. So, with so much to offer, we can say that there can never be a dull moment at the Singapore Changi airport. 

It is also the only airport in Singapore to which IndiGo operates its Singapore flights. For a complete lowdown of the airport, travellers can visit the Singapore airport guide on our website. 

  • Airport Address: Airport Blvd, Singapore
  • Code: SIN 

History of Singapore Changi Airport

The airport started its journey in the year and since then it has won more than a thousand awards and recognition. The airport was built in response to the huge tourist traffic and the inability of the former airports of Singapore to handle this traffic. Initially, the airport was proposed to be equipped with two terminals only. However, with the growing tourism, the Singapore Changi Airport now has four terminals and the 5th one is also on its way. The Jewel Changi Airport is a recent addition to the airport that is spectacular in all ways.

Quick facts about Singapore Changi Airport

  • Location - 16 km from Singapore City Centre
  • Operated by - Changi Airport Group
  • Famous for - Jewel Changi Airport
  • World rankings - 18th busiest airports in the world
  • of runways - 3

Things to do in the Singapore Changi Airport

From shopping at the duty-free shops to relaxing at the plush hotels, there’s a lot of facilities available in the airport itself. Passengers can enjoy at the Canopy Park, relish delicious cuisines, indulge in a shopping spree and even unwind at the verdant gardens in the Changi Airport. Do not miss the chance to experience the thrill of riding on the island’s tallest ride in Terminal 2. Passengers can also click a number of memorable pictures in the scenic background of the airport to collect everlasting memories.

Popular IndiGo flights to Singapore Changi Airport

IndiGo offers flights from many Indian cities, some of which have been listed below:

Passengers can book international flights to Singapore directly from the IndiGo mobile app or  official website.

2. Seletar Airport

Another commercial airport that serves Singapore is the Seletar Airport. The airport was originally started as a military airport and is located about 16 km away from the Singapore Changi Airport. However, now the airport operates a number of flights for public use. Like the Singapore Changi Airport, the Seletar Airport has also been taken by the Changi Airport group. 

The airport has a single runaway and offers round the clock arrival and departures. The airport also underwent revamping to reduce the traffic in the Singapore Changi Airport. Now, the airport has new passenger terminals and several check-in counters and immigration lanes for the comfort of travellers. 

  • Airport address: 21 Seletar Aerospace Rd 1, Singapore 797405
  • Airport code:XSP

Things to do in Singapore

  • Visit Garden by the Bay: The Garden by the Bay is a spectacular tourist attraction in Singapore. The lush-green beauty and the view of colourful flowers is truly a sight to behold for all nature lovers here. The place looks even more stunning in lights and also offers the best background for clicking Insta-worthy selfies.
  • Explore the diversity at Singapore Zoo: Wildlife enthusiasts cannot miss a lifetime chance to explore the rich diversity at the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is home to zebras, white tigers, orangutans, and so many more wildlife species. So, plan a day out to explore the rich flora and fauna of the place and also get a chance to befriend them or feed them from a close distance.
  • Witness the beauty of marine life at S.E.A. Aquarium: The S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore is home to thousands of marine life. Tourists can visit this place to explore the views of marine life in their natural habitat. Tourists can also indulge in thrilling activities at the S.E.A. Aquarium such as sea walking, diving and a few more.
  • Spend quality time at the MacRitchie Reservoir: To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, the best way out is to spend a peaceful time at the MacRitchie Reservoir. Tourists can unwind and relax at this reservoir and catch phenomenal views of the setting sun.
  • Discover the charm of Tanjong Beach: Another way to escape from mundane life is to spend leisure time at Tanjong Beach. Tourists can simply lie around the beach and gaze at the beauty of the golden sand that decorates Tanjong Beach. The place also offers spectacular views of the clear blue sky and tourists can find a number of eateries in the neighbouring region of Tanjong Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

The best time to visit Singapore is December to June.

From where can I get international flights in Singapore?

Passengers can book international flights from the Singapore Changi International Airport.

Which Indian cities offer IndiGo flights to Singapore?

IndiGo flights to Singapore can be booked from the following Indian cities: Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru and a few more.

What can I do at the Singapore Changi Airport?

Passengers can explore the lush-green gardens, shop at the duty-free shops, experience the fun of rides and do a lot of other things at the Singapore Changi Airport.

Can I get a local SIM at the Singapore Changi Airport?

Yes, passengers can get a local SIM card at the Singapore Changi Airport.

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