Airports in Hungary

Travelling to any destination either in the domestic sector or abroad becomes a cakewalk after the itinerary is executed properly. Out of everything, airports play a significant role in not only making any travel experience successful but also helping passengers to commute to and fro with ease. We are sure all the avid travellers will agree with us! The availability of premium facilities at the airports makes it easier for travellers to have a seamless journey. So, if Hungary is on your travel list and you want to know all about the Hungary airports and things to do in, then you have landed at the right place.

What is Hungary famous for?

Decorated with a stunning landscape and amazing scenery, Hungary is a country to find the best glimpses of the mingling of tradition and modernity. The country is lined with a number of picturesque castles, stunning lakes, ancient churches, etc and thus has a myriad of places to visit. No matter wherever you are in Hungary, you are sure to find a display of natural vistas at every corner. The phenomenal countryside looks absolutely amazing and is a real delight to the eyes. To know more about the best places to visit in Hungary, scroll through the section below.

Places to visit in Hungary

  • Budapest: The bustling capital of Hungary, Budapest is one of the most visited places in Hungary. From historic museums to modern buildings, this place exhibits a medley of tradition and modernity. A few tourist attractions in Budapest include Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle, Daube River and the list continues. Do not miss the chance to relish local Hungarian cuisines such as goulash, langos, halaszle, etc.
  • Eger: This stunning city is located on the bank of the Eger River. Tourists can find glimpses of the Turkish invasion while exploring the city. Moreover, what adds more excitement is that Eger is famous all over for producing the best red wine. Lyceum, Eger Castle, Valley of the Beautiful Women are some of the places to visit in Eger.
  • Tihany: Located in proximity to Lake Balaton, Tihany is a quaint city in Hungary. It has a rich cultural history and is most famous for the century-old Tihany Abbey. A few other places to visit in Tihany are Lavender Garden, Benedictine Abbey Museum, Benedictine Abbey Church, etc. Nature lovers, do not forget to stroll through the dense forest near Lake Balaton and stroll through the lakeshore.
  • Sopron: Sopron is one of those cities in Hungary that has been a site of settlement for various empires, all of which also makes this place historically significant. Wandering through the numerous by-lanes of this city can help you find immense insider details about the place. Tuztorony, Storno-haz, Sopron Museum, Gate Church are a few of the most recommended places to visit in Sopron.

About the airports in Hungary

The airports in Hungary make it convenient to fly to the heart of this European country.

Hungary has a total of 6 international airports and IndiGo together with Turkish airlines operates only at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Here is a list of the popular airports in Hungary.

1. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is located at a distance of 16 km from the city centre of Budapest. It was earlier known as the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. The airport got its current name only in 2011 after the famous composer, Franz Liszt. Serving the Budapest region, this airport offers top-connectivity to different international and domestic destinations. Together with Turkish airlines, IndiGo offers flights to this airport in Hungary.

The seeds for the construction of the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport were laid in 1939, however, during the Second World War, the airport only started operating as a military airport. In 1947, the reconstruction of the airport for public use was proposed and soon it became the busiest airport in Hungary. The airport has an equipped and luxurious waiting area, Sky Court which offers the best views of the city.

For a complete lowdown, visit the Budapest Airport page.

  • Airport address: Budapest, 1185 Hungary
  • Airport code: BUD

2. Budaors Airport

The Budaors Airport in Hungary was opened in 1937 and was for a long time the only international airport in Hungary until the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport opened up. But now the airport is functional only for fulfilling different aviation purposes such as flight training and a few recreational activities. The airport also houses vintage aircraft.

  • Airport address: Budapest, Kőérberki út 36/A, 1112 Hungary
  • Airport code: LHBS

3. Debrecen Airport

The Debrecen Airport is an international airport in Hungary. It serves the Debrecen region of Hungary and is situated at a distance of 5 km from the city centre of Debrecen. The airport has a long history as it served as a base during the Second World War. Later, it was the Debrecen Municipal Government that took the responsibility to expand the airport. A few recommended places to visit in Debrecen are Great Church, Deri Museum, Agora Science Centre and a few more.  

  • Airport address: Debrecen, Mikepércsi út, 4030 Hungary
  • Airport code: DEB

4. Heviz-Balaton Airport

Another airport that needs mention in this list of airports in Hungary is the Heviz-Balaton Airport. The Heviz-Balaton Airport is located very close to Lake Balaton and is thus preferred by holidaymakers. The site of this airport was earlier used as a military airport and it was in 1991 when the Heviz-Balaton Airport commenced commercial flights.

  • Airport address: Hungary
  • Airport code: SOB

Popular IndiGo flights to Hungary from India

India’s famed airline, IndiGo has expanded its global reach and now has flights to different international destinations, Hungary being one of them. At present, IndiGo together with its codeshare partner, Turkish airlines offers flights to Hungary only from the sprawling capital of India, Delhi. So, passengers who wish to fly to this famous European country must book Delhi to Hungary air tickets with IndiGo for a hassle-free journey. On booking international flight tickets with IndiGo, passengers are also given the benefit of availing of several add-ons services.  

With most of the country-related and airport information just at your fingertips, plan a short vacay to Hungary right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an international airport in Hungary?

Yes, Hungary has a total of 6 international airports.

What is the best time to visit Hungary?

September to November is the ideal time to visit Hungary.

What is the official currency of Hungary?

The official currency of Hungary is Hungarian forint.

Do I need a visa for travelling to Hungary?

Yes, a visa is a must for travelling to Hungary.

Is it mandatory to do web check-in?

Yes, according to government guidelines, web check-in is now mandatory for both domestic and international flights.

Can I pre-book snacks on IndiGo flights?

Yes, with 6E Tiffin, passengers can pre-book snacks while booking IndiGo flights.

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