Airports in Switzerland

Famed for its Alps ranges, Switzerland is one of the most picturesque countries nestled in Central Europe. Crammed with a number of tourist attractions, this international destination remains flocked with travellers from all over the world. The Swiss beauty is such that no travellers can say no to a trip to Switzerland. With the help of the airports in Switzerland, travellers can easily plan a trip from India to this European gem and voila! So, go through this interesting list of airports in Switzerland and know all about the place with us to avoid any kind of hassles in your memorable trip to Switzerland.

All about Switzerland

Dotted with pristine lakes and quaint cities, Switzerland is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The fascinating scenery of the country coupled with the countless places to explore makes Switzerland a must-visit destination. From shimmering towers to mighty peaks, there’s everything that you are looking for in your Swiss trip. 

Whether you stroll through the suspension bridge or witness the beauty of frozen glaciers, the charm of nature in Switzerland will never fail to impress you. The countryside views of Switzerland dotted with castles and forts are another highlight of the trip. Art lovers can also find the display of modern and contemporary art. So, with so much to offer, do not delay in planning a trip to Switzerland.

Things to do in Switzerland

  • Witness the ethereal beauty of Lake Zurich: There’s no other thing that can match the experience of witnessing the charm of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Listed as one of the most scenic lakes, Lake Zurich is a real treat for all nature lovers who want to soak in the views of azure water. Apart from clicking insta-worthy pictures at this lake, tourists can also indulge in water activities like windsurfing, skiing, boating and a few more.
  • Visit the Swiss National Museum: The Swiss National Museum is a great place for all the history buffs. The museum is a destination in itself for its castle-like infrastructure. The G-shaped museum looks even more pretty during the nighttime. Tourists must catch a glimpse of the rich art and culture of Switzerland here in the museum. The century-old paintings, weapons, furniture, etc are sure to catch your attention in the museum.
  • Explore wildlife at the Zurich Zoo: Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If so, then Zurich Zoo is the place for you. It is one of the best zoos to catch a glimpse of exotic species like llama, pygmy goat, brahma chicken and a few more. The Zurich Zoo is also an ideal park for a day out and picnic.
  • Enjoy a tuk-tuk ride: There’s no better way than to explore the beauty of Zurich in a tuk-tuk ride. The fun tuk-tuk ride will take you through some of the best places in Zurich: the Old Town, Great Minister, St. Peter’s Church, etc. So, explore the best of Switzerland in an eco-friendly manner.  

About the airports in Switzerland to kick-start a memorable journey

The airports in Switzerland offer travellers great convenience to kick-start their trip. Owing to its popularity, Switzerland is lined with a number of domestic and international airports, some of which are listed below.

1. The Kloten International Airport

One of the best airports in Europe, the Kloten International Airport remains crowded with tourists at all times of the year. The airport is located at a distance of 13 km from Zurich. The airport is equipped with all the facilities you want in an airport such as lounge area, free Wi-Fi, porter services, family area and so many more. 

Moreover, the passenger withstanding capacity of the Kloten International Airport is such that it handles more than 31 million passengers per year. It is also very easy to commute to the airport as there are buses and taxis which ensure hassle-free transfers to and fro the airport. At present, the airport is offered flights by a number of airlines including IndiGo. However, IndiGo operates with the help of its codeshare partner, Turkish Airlines. 

The airport was opened on April 9, 1953, after a rigorous phase of planning and construction. Even after the opening, the airport was a part of several construction projects to make the airport equipped in all possible ways. Now, the airport has three runways and three terminals. 

To get a complete overview, visit the Zurich airport page on our website. 

  • Airport address: 8058 Kloten, Switzerland
  • Airport code: ZRH

2. Geneva International Airport

The Geneva International Airport was formerly known as the Cointrin Airport. The airport offers domestic flights, international flights and cargo services too. The airfield for the airport was built in 1919 and over the years the Geneva International Airport has handled as many as 15 million passengers in a year. Some of the facilities available at the airport are eateries, children play areas, lounges and more. 

  • Airport address:Rte de l'Aéroport 21, 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • Airport code: GVA

3. Bern Airport

Another airport in Switzerland is the Bern Airport. The airport serves the de-facto capital city of France, Bern. The airport also serves as the base for two flying schools. The airport solely offers international flights. Tourists landing at the Bern airport can also visit some of the famous places in Bern such as Rose Garden, Old City, Gurten, Aare river and a few more. 

  • Airport address: Flugplatzstrasse 31, 3123 Belp, Switzerland
  • Airport code: BRN

4. St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport

Offering flights to several international destinations, the St. Gallen Altenrhein is a small airport in Switzerland. Located close to Lake Constance, the airport offers some of the best views of the azure water of this natural lake. It is equipped with a cafe, lounges and conference rooms for the comfort of the travellers landing at the St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport. 

  • Airport address: Flughafenstrasse 11, 9423 Thal, Switzerland
  • Airport code: ACH

5. Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

The Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is another international airport. As the name suggests it serves Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany. The airport is located about 4 km away from Basel and is operated by a number of airlines and is administered by both France and Switzerland. The airport is designed in such a way that it ensures a comfortable layover for passengers. 

  • Airport address: 68300 Saint-Louis, France
  • Airport code: BSL

6. Lugano Airport

As the name suggests, the Lugano Airport serves the Lugano region in Switzerland. It not only offers commercial flights but is also used for freight operations, flying school and even as a flying club. Lugano Airport SA is responsible for the management of the airport and some of the facilities provided at the airport are duty-free shops, eateries, free Wi-Fi and a few more. 

  • Airport address: Via Aeroporto, 6982 Agno, Switzerland
  • Airport code: LUG

Popular IndiGo flights to Switzerland from India

Deemed as one of the largest airports in Europe, the Kloten International Airport is also offered flights by India’s top airline, IndiGo. IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines offers flights to Switzerland with Delhi as the origin city. The details of the Delhi to Switzerland tickets can be directly grabbed from the official website of IndiGo. 

For booking the tickets to Switzerland with IndiGo, passengers can log in on the website or alternatively download the mobile app of IndiGo. Passengers on booking the tickets to Switzerland can even earn cashbacks and get maximum discounts too. So, why delay further in booking the tickets to Switzerland when IndiGo has so much to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the major airport in Switzerland?

The Kloten International Airport is considered one of the key airports in Switzerland.

Can I get domestic flights from the Kloten International Airport?

Yes, you can get both domestic and connecting flights from Kloten International Airport.

Does IndiGo offer flights to all the airports in Switzerland?

No, IndiGo offers flights to only Kloten International Airport in Switzerland.

What are the top cities to visit in Switzerland?

The best cities to visit in Switzerland are Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lugano and a lot more.

How long can I stay on a tourist visa in Switzerland?

The tourist visa in Switzerland is applicable for a maximum period of 90 days.

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