Coimbatore International Airport Airport Rd, Civil Aerodrome Post Peelamedu, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641014
Chikkalthana Airport Chikkalthana Aurangabad Maharashtra 431007

Coimbatore to Aurangabad Flights

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21:45 - 06:35
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Swift flying experience with IndiGo's Coimbatore to Aurangabad flights

Travel from the southern part of India to the city that has been named after a famous Mughal emperor with the IndiGo flight from Coimbatore to Aurangabad. IndiGo has made this route more accessible for passengers by offering connecting flights in this route. Passengers can book their Coimbatore to Aurangabad flights either from the mobile app or the website in order to avail the best deals on their flight ticket bookings.

The process of ticket booking is pretty simple. Coimbatore to Aurangabad lowest fare tickets can be booked by filling in the necessary details, like source and destination airports and date of travel. Passengers can also avail round trips and book IndiGo’s return Aurangabad to Coimbatore flights. Round trips are more profitable than separate ticket booking for each journey to and fro.

All about Aurangabad

This city has been named after the last powerful ruler of the Mughal Emperor, the famous Aurangzeb. Recently, this city is one of the fastest growing cities in western India. This fast-growing industrial and commercial hub of Maharashtra is growing rapidly in terms of industry, agriculture, finance and education. The booming economy of this city is because of what the tourism sector is contributing towards the city.

What makes Aurangabad famous?

  • Ellora Caves – Tourists from all over the globe are attracted to visit this UNESCO’s World Heritage Site for being the largest rock cut temple-monastery complex in the entire world. The caves showcase an amalgamation of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion that seemed to coexist and bond together in terms of art, painting, culture and rituals. This is what attracts thousands of tourists from almost every religion to come and visit.
  • Bibi ka Maqbara – This is one of the key and important monuments in Aurangabad and attracts a lot of tourist attractions. The reason for Bibi ka Maqbara being so famous is its uncanny resemblance with the Taj Mahal. Aurangzeb had constructed this monument during his reign for his first and chief wife and tried to replicate his father Shah Jahan’s monument Taj Mahal, which he had made for his wife Mumtaz, Aurangazeb’s mother.
  • Ajanta Caves - These rocks have been made which have 30 rock-cut cave monuments, dedicated to Buddhism, dating back to the 2nd century AD. The discovery of these caves led to the discovery of some of the finest ancient paintings, sculptures and portraits carved on the walls. Ajanta Caves hold the oldest surviving and the finest form of Indian art through these motifs, paintings and sculptures.
  • Salim Ali Lake and Bird Sanctuary - The lake and the bird sanctuary are two spectacular serene places to be at while in Aurangabad. Especially during winters, birds flock and migrate here, creating a beautiful haven for avid bird watchers and a serene environment and nature lovers.
  • Grishneshwar Temple - This temple has seen a lot of history as it was destroyed after construction, and was later rebuilt which now stands still, attracting thousands of Shiva devotees from all around the globe.

Airport address: Aurangabad Airport, Jalna Road, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra – 431006

Airport IATA code: IXU

Flight information from Coimbatore to Aurangabad

There are no direct flights from Coimbatore to Aurangabad. The flights can take 12 hours to 25 hours to reach its destination, depending upon the time the flight lays over in the layover cities Hyderabad and Chennai.

Benefits of travelling with IndiGo

When you travel with indiGo, you get the opportunity to avail the benefits of the following services when you book your tickets:

  • Flexi Fare Plus - This service provided by IndiGo provides a complimentary extra seat to the passengers with no extra charge. If the primary ticket is cancelled, the cancellation charge is also lower than normal base fare tickets.
  • Seat Plus - With Seat Plus, passengers are eligible to book two or more seats for an extra legroom space and added comfort during their flight.
  • Student discount - Students above the age of 12 are given this discount. They have a discount of 6% on their base airfare and an extra 10 kg baggage allowance.
  • Tough Cookie discount – A 25% discount on the base airfare are allotted to doctors, nurses, medics and other health professionals. They must have a valid ID during the time of check-in.
  • Fast forward service - By availing this add-on, passengers can avoid waiting in long queues and can get their check-in and luggage boarded on the flight upon priority basis.

All about Coimbatore

This peaceful and quaint city lies in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is the second-largest city of the state. Coimbatore is the largest exporter of wet processors, automobile parts, jewellery and poultry in the South. Its trading routes, finance and commerce are well-established while the tourism economy adds to their booming economy.

What makes Coimbatore famous?

  • Vydehi Waterfalls - Located at the outskirts of the city, Vydehi waterfalls will add a refreshing touch to your trip. Although it is a popular tourist spot, visitors are no longer allowed to see the falls from up close. They can have a good glimpse from far, this is done to protect the wildlife and animals in that area.
  • Marudhamalai Hill Temple - This hill temple was built in the 12th century AD by Tamil kings of the Sangam period. This temple is dedicated to the famous God Lord Murugan, and is considered to be the seventh house of Lord Murugan. Thousands of devotees visit the temple and pay their respects to Lord Murugan.
  • Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park - Established in 1986, this is the first bioreserve park in India. A wide variety of animals, plants thrive well in this ecosystem.
  • Monkey Falls - Falling from a height of 18 feet, Monkey falls attracts tourists and their families who would have a fun day out near the waterfall. Bathing is allowed here as the waterfall is natural and is well-fed from its source.

Airport address - Airport Rd, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641014

Airport IATA code - CJB

FAQs about Coimbatore to Aurangabad flights

What is the process of checking in?

During the time of COVID, it is mandatory to get web check-in prior to arrival at the airport. Other details are present on the website.

Can I not carry in my check-in baggage?

IndiGo does not allow any kind of inflammables, explosives, compressed gasses or highly toxic agents in the check-in or hand baggage area. 

What privileges can a student get on their airfare?

Students above the age of 12 can get a discount of 6% on their base airfare, along with 10 kg extra baggage allowance.

Will IndiGo help me to book my hotels?

Under the ‘hotels’ tab in IndiGo’s mobile app or website, you can get great deals on booking your hotels from there. Luxury to budget hotels, all are mentioned there.

Can I reschedule my flight in case my flight is cancelled?

With IndiGo’s Plan-B option, passengers can reschedule, if their flights are cancelled.

What does Flex Pay allow?

With Flex Pay service, you can pay 10% of your entire bill when you book your ticket, and the rest of the amount can be paid within the next 15 days.

How do I book a window seat?

When you book your seats online, see the white boxes and click on the seats you wish to book.

What are some of the budget hotels in Coimbatore?

Vinayak hotel, SK residency, Hotel Raamus and Hotel Lovely Nest are some of the budget hotels that you can book if you have a last minute rush while travelling to Coimbatore.

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