Swami Vivekananda Airport Ramchandi Naya Raipur Chhattisgarh 492015
Civil Aerodrome Airport Rd Harni, Vadodara Gujarat 390022

Raipur to Vadodara Flights

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The best deals on IndiGo for Raipur to Vadodara flights (PNQ-BDQ)

IndiGo has several connecting Raipur to Vadodara flights available daily. The connecting flights on this route are via Hyderabad. The shortest duration on this route is about 4 hours. You can also avail ‘Saver’ and ‘Flexi Plus’ fare while making your ticket bookings. For more information, visit the official website of IndiGo, On this website, tourists get the option to avail a wide variety of deals and discounts on Raipur and Vadodara flight price. After reaching Vadodara, travellers can also opt to book an IndiGo flight ticket to some other destinations via:

  • Vadodara to Amritsar flight
  • Vadodara to Allahabad flight
  • Vadodara to Ranchi flight
  • Vadodara to Guwahati flight


Vadodara is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is known as an important industrial and educational centre of Western India. This is a multi-cultural city where many languages are spoken. The common languages spoken in this city are Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Sindhi and English.

Things to do in Vadodara

Travellers can do several things in Vadodara. Tourists who like to witness historical sites can visit the Nazarbagh Palace, which is in a half-ruined state and was built in 1721. Travellers looking for spiritual enlightenment can visit the Kirti Mandir, which was built in 1936 by Sayaji and showcases beautiful architecture. Tourists can also visit the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum where they will get to see great works of art and craft and ancient artefacts.

Tourist attractions in Vadodara

There are many tourist attractions in Vadodara. People can visit Vadodara Zoo where they can also take the ride of the famous toy-train. The Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery features great pieces of art and craft. The Sayaji Baug was built in 1936 and is a must-visit tourist attraction that features amazing architecture for the explorers to look at.

Places to shop in Vadodara

People will find many places to shop in Vadodara. The Madar Market offers shoppers with paintings, Zai ethnic wear, block printed fabric, tie and dye fabric, silver jewellery and decorative mirrors. The Mandvi Bazaar sells accessories, embroidered fabric clothes, traditional footwear and wall hangings. Some other popular markets of Vadodara are Nava Bazaar, Teen Darwaza Bazaar and Lehripura Mandir Bazaar.

Best time to visit in Vadodara

The ideal time to visit Vadodara is winter as the weather stays pleasant and cool.

Modes of transport

People can travel in Vadodara by modes of transport such as auto-rickshaws, buses and taxis. Cycle-rickshaw is also a good option to travel short distances.

Weather in Vadodara

The weather remains normal and humid during the monsoon season. In the winter season, the weather gets mildly cold. During the summer season, the weather remains hot.

Airport in Vadodara

All flights of Vadodara operate from Vadodara Airport (IATA: BDQ). Tourists can know more details by visiting, which is the official website of IndiGo.


The city of Raipur is the capital city in the Indian state of Chandigarh. This city has great historical significance and was founded by King Ram Chandra in the 14th century. This city has very fertile and productive soil on its plain.

Tourist attractions in Raipur

Raipur has many tourist attractions. Adventure lovers can go on a trek to Ghatarani Waterfalls through the forest. Travellers can visit Nandan Van Zoo and spot exotic animals such as Tigers, Lions, Peacocks, Monkeys and Deer. Travellers looking for peaceful locations can visit Vivekanand Sarovar where they will get to see a wide lake and the massive statue of Swami Vivekananda.

Places to shop in Raipur

Raipur has many places to shop such as Ambuja City Centre Mall, Magneto Mall, Chhattisgarh City Center Mall and Colors Mall. Shoppers can also buy great works of art and craft from the Mahakoshal Art gallery and Woodkart Handicrafts.

Modes of transport

Tourists can opt for buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws, which are the common modes of transport in this city. They can also opt for paddle-rickshaws to travel short distances.

Weather in Raipur

The weather gets extremely hot during the summer season. During monsoon, Raipur observes heavy rainfall. The weather remains moderate and pleasant in the winter.

Airport in Raipur

All flights of Raipur operate from Raipur Airport (IATA: RPR). For more information about flight timings, visit IndiGo’s website.

FAQs about Raipur to Vadodara flights

What is the aerial distance between Raipur and Vadodara?

The aerial distance between Raipur and Vadodara is 882 km.

Which are the most popular sweet shops in Vadodara?

Some of the most popular sweet shops of Vadodara are Pendawala Duliram Ratanlal Sharma, Ambassador Sweet Mart and Jagdish Foods.

What are the popular festivals celebrated in Vadodara?

Some of the festivals celebrated in Vadodara are Navratri, Uttarayan and International Kite Festival.

How can one book Raipur to Vadodara flight tickets with IndiGo in advance?

In order to book Raipur to Vadodara flight tickets in advance with IndiGo, all you need to do is visit the official website of IndiGo ( or download its mobile app.

What is the distance between Vadodara Airport and Central Bus Station Vadodara?

The distance between Vadodara Airport and Central Bus Station Vadodara is 6 km.

How to check the flight status of Raipur to Vadodara flight?

Travellers are required to click on the ‘Flight Status’ tab available on IndiGo’s official website and enter flight details, route and PNR/Booking Reference ID to check the flight status of Raipur to Vadodara flight.

Which are the most popular restaurants in Vadodara?

Some of the popular restaurants in Vadodara are Kansaar, Rajputana, Mandap, Pizza Meo, Kalyan and Spice Valley Multicuisine Restaurant.

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