Birsa Munda Airport Airport Rd Khokambatoli, Hinoo, Ranchi Jharkhand 834002
Belgaum Airport, Bagalkot-Belgaum Rd, Sambra, Karnataka 591124

Ranchi to Belagavi Flights

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Connecting flights from Ranchi to Belagavi 

Several IndiGo flights connect Ranchi to Belagavi. The average time taken by an IndiGo flight connecting Ranchi to Belagavi ranges between 9 and 13 hours.


Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and is located in the 'Ruhr of India', i.e. southern part of the Chota Nagpur plateau, which is the eastern section of the Deccan plateau. It is one of the major industrial cities of Eastern India. Surrounded by forest and River Subarnekha, the place offers picturesque views. Ranchi is the heart of many sports activities including cricket, hockey, football, athletics, etc. It is the hometown of celebrated sportspersons like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and DeepikaKumari.

Tourist attractions in Ranchi

Ranchi comes as a surprise to most of the travellers just because of its unexplored beauty. Major tourist attractions of Ranchi include PanchGagh Falls, Patratau Valley, Topchanchi Lake, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Jagannath Temple, Angrabadi Temple Complex, Rock Garden, Birsa Zoological Park, Ranchi Lake, etc.

Ranchi Airport

Ranchi Airport is known as Birsa Munda Airport named after Indian tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda and is the primary airport serving the city of Ranchi. It is managed by the Airports Authority of India. 

  • Airport Address: Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand - 834002
  • Airport IATA Code: IXR


Belgavi is known as Belgaum and is located in the Western Ghats and foothills of Sahyadri. Surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers it offers spectacular landscapes. Belgavi has cotton-weaving, leather, clay, soap, pottery and metal utensil industries. It is also a busy trading centre on the National Highway. Belgaum is also famous for its temples Chulakya and Veerabhadra. The Belgaum fort was built in 1519 and the history dates back to the 12th-century AD. The grandeur of its building and historical ruins takes you back in time. Breath-taking views, hills, waterfalls attract travellers.

Tourist attractions in Belgavi

From forts to palaces, waterfalls to temples, there is an overabundance of places to visit in Belgavi to satisfy your wanderlust. Major tourist attractions of Belgavi include Belgaum Fort, Gokak Falls, Jamboti Hills and Falls, Shri Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, Military Mahadeva Temple, Rajhansgad Yellur Fort, Kamala Basti, Kittur Fort and Palace, Sri Mauli Devi Temple, Kotekere, Shri Hari Mandir, Hidkal Dam, Kapileshwar Temple, Military Durga Devi Temple, Vajrapoha Falls, St. Mary’s Church, etc.

Things to do in Belgavi

Belgavi or Belgaum is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Karnataka. There are a lot of things to do in Belgaum like trek to the Rocky Gokak Falls, go on an adventure binge at Bhimgad Adventure Camp, take blessings at Shri Ramakrishna Ashram, seek blessings at the Military Mahadeva Temple, visit Belgaum Fort, camping at Jamboti Hills, take a heritage walk at Kamal Basti. You can also shop for some exclusive brass and wooden items, savour the delicious Belagavi cuisine, and enjoy your holiday and have the best experience at Belgaum.

Belgavi Airport

Belgaum Airport is an airport serving Belgaum or Belgavi city. It is the oldest airport in North Karnataka. To know about operating IndiGo flights from this airport, you can visit IndiGo’s official website or mobile application.

  • Airport Address: Bagalkot-Belgaum Rd, Sambra, Karnataka - 591124
  • Airport IATA Code: IXG

FAQs about Ranchi to Belagavi flights

What are the layover cities on Ranchi to Belagavi flight route?

The flight has a layover in Hyderabad.

What is the aerial distance between Ranchi and Belagavi?

The cities of Belgavi and Ranchi have an aerial distance of about 1405 km.

What is the distance from the Regional centre of Ranchi to Ranchi Airport?

The distance between the regional centre of Ranchi and Ranchi Airport is 10.4 km that would take 27 to 30 minutes, if travelling by car.

At what time can I avail of IndiGo baggage tags at what time?

Passengers can download IndiGo baggage tags can be downloaded between 48 hours and 60 minutes of the departure time.

Does the redemption fee for 6E Rewards include taxes?

Yes, taxes and service fees are included in 6E Reward redemption.

What is 6E Rewards Program?

6E Rewards Program is a rewards program where members can earn 6E Rewards by using their co-branded card on IndiGo and redeem the 6E Rewards for 6E Rewards’ Benefits.

I would like to make changes to my account. How can I do it?

Members can update their address, phone number and e-mail under member login on IndiGo’s mobile application and website. However, change of a name shall be permitted along with documents required.

How can passengers have a more personalised flying experience?

Passengers can get a more personalised flying experience by booking an entire flight through IndiGo’s charter services to fly as per their convenience.

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