Vijayawada International Airport Krishna District Gannavaram Andhra Pradesh 521102
Chikkalthana Airport Chikkalthana Aurangabad Maharashtra 431007

Vijayawada to Aurangabad Flights

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08:00 - 16:10
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Enjoy a unique flying experience with IndiGo’s Vijayawada to Aurangabad flights

Travel between the business capital of Andhra Pradesh and the tourism capital of Maharashtra has become easier and more accessible thanks to IndiGo’s Vijayawada to Aurangabad flight tickets. This service allows customers to access a quick travel option between these two cities. Customers can also search for Vijayawada to Aurangabad lowest fare options on IndiGo’s official website or mobile application.

With IndiGo, customers have the choice of booking return flight tickets for Aurangabad to Vijayawada at the same time as booking forward journey tickets. This will ensure a convenient and comfortable journey for the customer. To view various add-on services provided by IndiGo, please visit their website or download the mobile app.

Why travel to Aurangabad?

Nаmed аfter the Mughаl emрerоr Аurаngzeb, this wаs оnсe раrt оf the Рrinсely State of Hyderabad. Tоdаy, it is the tourism capital of the state оf Maharashtra аnd is knоwn аs the сity оf gаtes, аs there аre 52 gаtes in this сity. It is home to a plethora of historical monuments of both national and religious significance. It also boasts of a number of caves with two UNESCO world heritage sites among them. Over the centuries, Aurangabad has become a meeting point of various lifestyles across the country partly due to its central location.

Places to see

  • Ajanta Caves: A UNESCO world heritage site, these Buddhist caves date back to the 2nd century and are considered to be the epitome of ancient architecture and the finest form of Indian art.
  • Ellora Caves: Yet another UNESCO world heritage site. Tourists visit these Buddhist and Jain caves to experience the feel of a bygone era and the overall grandeur.
  • Daulatabad Fort: Around 11 km northwest of Aurangabad lies this fort on a conical hill. It stands gloriously at around 200 meters above sea level. Compared to other forts in the region, the defense measures of this particular fort were strong, which is the reason it is still standing today.
  • Salim Ali Lake: Dotted with lush green vegetation, this place is a nature lover’s delight where one could listen to the sounds of nature uninterrupted. A diverse range of birds can also be spotted around the lake, making it ideal for bird watching among enthusiasts.
  • Siddharth Garden and Zoo: This is the perfect place to visit if you are on a family trip. The zoo garden provides plenty of space with a quiet space to sit and relax. The main zoo is full of exotic animals on display from tigers and elephants to crocodiles and snakes.

Airport address: Aurangabad Airport, Jalna Road, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006

Airport IATA code: IXU

Vijayawada to Aurangabad flight route

The shortest journey from Vijayawada to Aurangabad is 17 hours and 10 minutes long with a layover in Hyderabad for 14 hours and 25 minutes. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights on this route.

What are the benefits of booking flights with IndiGo?

IndiGo ensures a comfortable and convenient air travel for all its customers as it covers the travel distance in a short time. In addition to that, the on board services provide extra comfort to the customers to ensure a convenient air travel experience. Some of the services provided by the airline is as follows:

  • Flexi Fare Plus: This service entitles customers to a complimentary seat with no charge and a lower cancellation fee.
  • Student Fare: Get a 6% discount on the base fare and an extra 10 kgs of baggage allowance.
  • Tough Cookie discount: Avail upto 25% discount on fares for doctors and nurses.
  • Fast Forward: To save time at the check-in counter and baggage belt, this service ensures priority treatment for your luggage.

A bit about Vijayawada

The business capital of Andhra Pradesh has many interesting places for travellers to explore. Thanks to its history of almost 14 centuries, the city is a gold mine of heritage and culture, while also letting the winds of modernity change it. The old town is dotted with ancient caves, forts and museums, all structures exquisitely carved and beautifully preserved. The newer portion of the city has plenty of commercial structures to offer including water parks, shopping malls, multiplexes and so on. It is a must visit city for the unique experience it provides.

Places to visit

  • Undavalli Caves: These caves date back more than a thousand years and are a testimony to the architecture and designing skills of the people of the region. The walls are adorned with Jain and Buddhist designs at places. The entire structure is carved from a single sandstone base.
  • Prakasam Barrage: This bridge connects the nearby districts of Krishna and Guntur and stretches for almost 1 km. One of the most iconic structures in the city, this spot offers some great sunrise and sunset views, so photographers regularly throng to the surroundings during these hours.
  • Bhavani Island: The largest river island in India offers a host of calming activities such as boat rides or photo walks. Or, one can simply enjoy the scenery.
  • Victoria Jubilee Museum: This museum houses many centuries old exhibits which demonstrate the history and culture of the region. One can find everything from delicately carved sculptures and paintings to antique weapons here. The architecture of the museum building itself is something amazing.
  • Hazratbal Mosque: The white structure of the mosque is something that is instantly recognizable and photogenic. Since it houses a relic of the Prophet, this mosque is a holy site for Muslims.

Airport address: NH16, Gannavaram Road, Andhra Pradesh 521102

Airport IATA code: VGA

FAQs about Vijayawada to Aurangabad flights

What items are not permitted on an IndiGo flight?

Certain items such as acids, explosives, flammable liquids and compressed gases are not permitted in check-in or cabin baggage. Visit IndiGo’s website for additional details.

How do I check-in at the airport?

IndiGo counters at the airport can be used for checking in. However, these counters are open only upto an hour prior to scheduled departure time.

How to do web check-in?

To avoid long queues and the hassle, web check-in on IndiGo’s website or mobile app. Web check-in can be done 48 hours to 60 minutes prior to the flight's departure.

I want to book a particular seat for myself on the flight. How do I do that?

Customers can choose seats of their choice on the flight through IndiGo’s website or at the airport counters.

If my flight is postponed, delayed or cancelled, how will I be informed?

IndiGo will notify customers of any change in flight status in advance through SMS or email.

How can I obtain a refund if I cancel my ticket?

Customers will receive the refund amount in their bank accounts within 7 days of cancellation after deducting the cancellation fee and other charges.

How to book snacks for a flight online and what are the charges?

In the View/Change booking section on IndiGo’s homepage, there is an option for booking snacks. These can be added only up to 24 hours before departure.

Is there a vegetarian meal for kids on IndiGo flights?

Yes, you may opt for the vegetarian meal. The kids’ menu items are available during pre-booking only.

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