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A comfortable Dubai to Kozhikode flight with IndiGo

For travellers from Dubai to Kozhikode, IndiGo offers the most affordable Dubai to Kozhikode flights, with amazing flight experience and personalized services. Kozhikode, or Calicut, is a charming city in the coastal Indian state of Kerala. It is significant due to its proximity to the Kappad Beach, which happens to be the landing spot of the great Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama. Therefore, to this date, along with its stunning beaches and mouth-watering cuisine, Kozhikode bears similarities to the Portuguese architecture and influences often found in the neighbouring state of Goa. And for your safe return, book your return Kozhikode to Dubai flight tickets now, only with IndiGo!

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Kozhikode - A charming mix of Portugal and Kerala

This quaint city on the Malabar coast, in Kerala, will take your breath away with its refreshing culture, stunning vistas and intricate architecture. With a booming seafood export industry, the rich, spicy cuisine and delicious seafood imbibes both Portuguese and Keralite traditions and will have you coming back for more. Explore its many lighthouses, museums and other historical monuments, while you rejuvenate and feel one with nature. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Dubai to Kozhikode flight tickets, check your flight status, and get going!

Things to do in Kozhikode

Beaches: Kozhikode has a number of serene beaches, where you can enjoy long walks, a beautiful quiet sunset, and some romantic meals.

Lion’s Park- This themed amusement park promises fun for the whole family, with a host of thrilling rides and some delectable food outlets.

Waterfalls: Kozhikode boasts of several stunning waterfalls such as the Kozhippara falls, and the Thusharagiri falls, which are definitely worth a visit.

Tourist attractions in Kozhikode

Backwaters: Explore the mesmerizing backwaters of Kozhikode on a lazy boat cruise, or spend a night or two on a houseboat.

Kakkayam forest and dam: Nestled amidst lush forests, exotic deer and peacocks, lies the majestic Kakkayam dam.

Thikkoti Lighthouse: Experience the old world charm of the Thikkoti lighthouse, perched right over some picturesque cliffs.

Places to shop in Kozhikode

The Sweet Street in Kozhikode is the main market of the town, with everything from clothes and handicrafts, as well as an enormous range of sweet confections. There is also the wholesale spice market for exotic spices, the Hilite Mall for high-end goods, and the Surabhi Kerala State Handicrafts for elegant and reasonably priced artefacts.

Best time to visit Kozhikode

The best time to visit Kozhikode is between October to March when the weather is mild and pleasant, and the humidity is low. This is also the best season for most of the seafood found there, so you can have a real feast.

Modes of transport in Kozhikode

Kozhikode has a very good public transport system, with most people using buses on a regular basis. Travellers can use buses safely and conveniently. Other options include autos and taxis, which are easily available and quite cheap. Private car services are also plentiful.

Weather in Kozhikode

Kozhikode has a very hot and humid climate usually, with peak summer being in May. Temperatures can rise to well above 30 degrees Celsius. The winters are usually mild with little rainfall. However, monsoons tend to bring heavy rainfall.

Airports in Kozhikode

Currently, Kozhikode has one international airport, the Calicut International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in India. It is located at around 28 km from the city and has two terminals.

Passengers can make their flight booking for their onward journey from here to other destinations with our Kozhikode to Doha flights and Kozhikode to Abu Dhabi flights, among many others.


Dubai - A vibrant, pulsating hub of modernity, with a touch of ancient tradition

Dubai, as a global cosmopolitan hub of opulence and luxury, has an “Arabian Nights” feel to it. Amidst its glittering shopping malls and soaring skyscrapers, lies the ancient desert, with its exotic customs as old as time itself. Dubai also has a range of adventure sports and is a global hub for watersports as well. An extremely affordable destination, it has certainly made its mark on the map for travellers. However, if adoring skyscrapers and bustling nightlife is not your thing, then book your Dubai to Kozhikode lowest fare flights with IndiGo now and get a taste of Kozhikode’s serenity!

Things to do in Dubai

Shop till you drop: Dubai is rightly known as the capital of affordable shopping, with a number of luxury malls. It also boasts of the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall.

Adventure sports: Adrenaline seekers will have plenty of options in Dubai, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, shark diving, skiing, and so much more.

Nightlife: Dubai has the most happening nightlife in the Middle East, with several high-end pubs, bars, discos and luxury dining options.

Tourist attractions in Dubai

Aquariums: Dubai has some of the best aquariums in the world, such as the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Lost Chambers of Atlantis and the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Burj Khalifa: One of the greatest attractions in the world, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world, with 163 floors.

Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah, or the Palm Island, is one of the most opulent, beautifully made and distinctive man-made islands in the world.

Places to shop in Dubai

Shopaholics will have no shortage of malls to choose from in Dubai. The most outstanding of these is, of course, the Dubai Mall, but there is also the Mall of the Emirates, for exquisite luxury goods. For a more local taste, head to one of the many souks dotted across the city. You can find several options such as the Deira Gold Souk, for gold and other jewellery, the Bur Dubai Souk for clothes, and the basement souk in the Wafi Mall for art pieces and handicrafts.

Best time to visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is from November to April when the temperature is at its most pleasant, and humidity is at its lowest. The Dubai Shopping Festival also takes place in January and February, attracting tourists.

Modes of transport in Dubai

The most common mode of transportation in Dubai is by taxis, which are readily available and reasonably priced. The metro is also very popular and one of the cheapest ways to get around. In some areas of the city, there are also some select bus routes.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai has a hot and dry desert climate, with scorching summers, at over 40 degrees Celsius, the peak of which is June and July. In winter, the temperature can sometimes drop to 10 degrees Celsius, but for the most part, remains mild.

Airports In Dubai

Dubai currently has two major airports, one fully functional and one still under construction.

The Dubai World Airport (IATA Code: DXB/OMDB)- This is Dubai’s main airport, at about 8.5 km from the city. It has three terminals, and Terminal 3.

Dubai World Central- When completed, this massive airport, 37 km from the city, will be the world’s largest airport.

FAQs about Dubai to Kozhikode flights

Are there any non-stop flights from Dubai to Kozhikode? 

Yes, IndiGo provides non-stop flights between Dubai and Kozhikode. For details, visit the website-

How many flights does IndiGo provide from Dubai to Kozhikode?

IndiGo provides around two flights per day between Dubai and Kozhikode. Please check for the exact schedules.

When is the earliest IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode?

The earliest IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode is at around 05:25:00 which is subject to change. Please check for updates.

When is the last IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode?

The last IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode is at around 11:25:00 which is subject to change. Check for updates.

What is the minimum amount of time taken for Dubai to Kozhikode flight?

The minimum amount of time taken for Dubai to Kozhikode flight is about 3 h 50 min.

How much can I carry in my hand baggage?

Passengers can carry a maximum of 7 kg as hand baggage- not including personal items such as laptop bags, or handbags. 

Is my laptop bag included in the hand baggage limit?

Other personal items, such as a briefcase, laptop bag or handbag, will be allowed per passenger, along with a carry-on bag. This personal item will not be included in the hand baggage limit, but needs to be within the 3 kg limit.

Do I have to pay if I exceed the check-in baggage limit?

Yes, a fee is applicable. For exact details, visit

How can I check the Dubai to Kozhikode flight status?

To check your Dubai to Kozhikode flight PNR status, go to, enter your flight details on the Flight status tab and you will have the information in a click!

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