Raja Bhoj Airport Airport Road Gandhi Nagar, Bairagarh, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462036
Bagdogra Airport Airport Road, Bagdogra Darjeeling District, Siliguri West Bengal 734421

Bhopal to Bagdogra Flights

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Passengers travelling from Bhopal to Bagdogra get access to connecting flights with a layover at Delhi. This provides them with the convenience to enjoy some refreshments in the airport area or lounge.

Bagdogra – An epitome of green foliage

Bagdogra is situated in the state of West Bengal. It is famous for its vast tea estates, museums and research institutes. Due to the availability of rich resources, Bagdogra is well connected to other parts of the country for trade and commerce. IndiGo offers various domestic flights from Bagdogra to travellers. One can get offers on their Bhopal to Bagdogra flights by booking through

Things to do in Bagdogra

Jore Pokhri Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 20 km away from the hub of the city, this wildlife sanctuary is famous for animals such as the Himalaya Salamander.

Dreamland Amusement Park: It is the place of ultimate recreation for friends and families to spend some memorable moments together.

Tourist attractions in Bagdogra

Coronation Bridge: Nestled 37 km away from the centre of Bagdogra, this bridge falls on National Highway 31. It was constructed in 1930 to mark the coronation of King George V.

Science City: Also known as North Bengal Science Centre, it lies around 20 km away from the hub of the town. It hosts various astronomical shows and educational tours.

Places to shop in Bagdogra

Airport Market is famous for the display of locally produced goods and vegetables. For high street shopping, City Centre shopping mall is also a great place to shop or eat.

Best time to visit Bagdogra

The period between July and February is the best time to visit Bagdogra as one can witness the pleasant summer light breeze in the monsoon.

Modes of transport in Bagdogra

Bagdogra consists of public transportation such as buses and rickshaws. Two and four-wheelers are also available for rent.

Weather in Bagdogra

Bagdogra experiences hot weather conditions from July to September. The monsoon season is humid and warm. During January, Bagdogra has temperatures ranging from 15 to 25℃.  

Airport in Bagdogra

The Bagdogra Airport is situated in the western part of the city of Siliguri. IndiGo offers various domestic flights such as Bagdogra to Kolkata flights, Bagdogra to Visakhapatnam flights and Bagdogra to Agartala flights, Bagdogra to Jammu flights and Bagdogra to Bhopal flights from this airport. The Bagdogra Airport has also received 14.5 acres of land from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Address: Airport Road, Bagdogra, Siliguri, West Bengal 734421.


Bhopal – The perfection of nature’s beauty

Bhopal was one of the princely states under British rule. It is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and a hub of craft, commerce, food and urban lifestyle. It houses various research and educational institutes. With IndiGo, one can book domestic flights from Bhopal to other parts of the country.

Things to do in Bhopal

Taj-ul-Masajid: Constructed during the reign of Bahadur Shah Zafar, it is the largest mosque in the country. It reflects Indo-Islamic architecture and is visited by historians from around the world.

Van Vihar National Park: Covering an area of approximately 4.45 square kilometres, it became a national park in 1979. Visitors to the park can see the animals in their natural habitats.

Tourist attractions in Bhopal

Upper lake: It provides water to almost 40 per cent of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated in the western part of the city of Bhopal and was popular during ancient times.

National Museum of Humankind: Spread over a 200-acre land, this museum hosts digital shows and exhibitions related to history and cultural shows. Various conferences are also held here.

Places to shop in Bhopal

Chowk and New Market are famous for low priced goods and are considered as the shopper’s paradise. Bhopal also has many malls and shopping complexes where one can satiate their shopping pangs.

Best time to visit Bhopal

The ideal months to visit Bhopal are usually from October to March as the weather is quite pleasant and cool.

Modes of transport in Bhopal

As one of the most emerging cities of the country, Bhopal provides its inhabitants with various modes of public transport such as buses and rickshaws. Three-wheeler tempos are also a convenient means to travel.

Weather in Bhopal

The city of Bhopal is quite hot and dry during the summers, whereas it can get very cold during the winter season. The winter temperature in Bhopal can drop to 10℃.

Airport in Bhopal

It is known as Raja Bhoj Airport and is 15 km away from the main city. The airport in Bhopal is powered by renewable energy as well. Various parts of the country are connected to Bhopal through airways. IndiGo offers connecting flights from Bhopal to Bagdogra with a layover in Delhi.

Address: Airport Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462036


FAQs about Bhopal to Bagdogra flights

How can I check my flight status?

You can check your flight status by entering your flight details and PNR/Booking Reference ID on the Flight Booking tab. 

How do I book my Bhopal to Bagdogra flight?

You can easily check flight booking offers and book your Bhopal to Bagdogra flight tickets by visiting or by using the IndiGo mobile app.

Is there any non-stop flight from Bhopal to Bagdogra?

No, IndiGo does not offer any non-stop flight from Bhopal to Bagdogra.

Which areas are known for the best food in Bhopal?

Kebabsville and Bhopal Express are the best places to eat in Bhopal.

How early can I do a web check-in?

You may do a web check-in as early as 48 hours until one hour before the departure time.

 How much can I carry in hand baggage?

IndiGo permits passengers up to 7 kg of hand baggage allowance.

 What is the travel time between Bhopal to Bagdogra?

It will take around 7 hours and 35 minutes to travel from Bhopal to Bagdogra.

 Is public transport easily available at Bagdogra airport?

Yes, public transport such as buses is available at Bagdogra airport.

Do I need a separate ticket for my 5-year-old?

Yes, as per safety guidelines, children above the age of two years need a separate ticket.

What is the limit for check-in baggage?

The limit for check-in baggage is 15 kg for domestic flights and varies between 20 and 30 kg for international flights.

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