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Book Madurai to Kolhapur flights with IndiGo

IndiGo operates multiple flights on the Madurai to Kolhapur route. There are many code-sharing flights on these routes. The average travel time is 8 hours 35 minutes. There is a layover of 5 hours at Bangalore on one flight. There is a plane change and airport change at Chennai and Bangalore on the second route.

What is Kolhapur best known for

This city is an ancient one because it has been mentioned in ancient scriptures. In various scriptures of Shaktism, the reference of Kolhapur has been made. Kolhapur is known for its manufacturing units that make apparel, footwear, and several other merchandises. There are thousands of such small-scale industries. Tourism is another aspect of this city. It is home to several Jain temples that were formed during the medieval era. The Marathi film industry is also very active in this region. Kolhapur is known for its wrestling culture. The dangal sport is practiced extensively here. The city is known for its unique cuisine, the notable ones being Kolhapuri Bhel and Kolhapuri Misal.

Here are the best-known places in Kolhapur

  • Shivaji University – is one of the largest universities in Maharashtra. It is spread over 800 acres. The university is named after Chhatrapati Shivaji.
  • Panhala Fort – Built in the 13th century, inside the fort are temples and mausoleums. Some of them namely Amber Khana, Teen Darwaza, Dharma Kothi, and Sajja Kothi.
  • Jyotiba Temples in the 17th century by Ranoji Shinde. Located at an elevation of more than 3200 feet this magnificent temple has colour clad exteriors.
  • Mahadwar is a good shopping area in Kolhapur. The place is famous for buying chappals and apparel.
  • Tabak Udyan in Kolhapur is a good place to spot an extensive variety of flora and fauna.

Airport address

  • Kolhapur Airport is located at Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416004
  • IATA code - KLH

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All about Madurai

Madurai is the cultural capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This city has a recorded history dating back to the 3rd century. Even Megasthenes, an ambassador from Greece to the Mauryan Empire mentioned this city during his travels. Madurai is a city filled with the riches of many dynasties in the form of historical monuments. Most people know Madurai for the Meenakshi Temple, yet there is way number of temples in Madurai. That’s why this city has been accorded the title of Temple City, Historical City, etc. Present-day Madurai is a teeming and busy urban centre with a strong backdrop of history controlling the collective pulse of the people.

Here are the things that Madurai is best known for

  • Top Government bodies - Madurai Government Museum is a popular government museum in Madurai open to the public. It has various sections dedicated to zoology, anthropology, archaeology, etc.
  • Heritage monuments - Meenakshi Amman Temple is located on the banks of the Vaigai River, this is an ancient Hindu temple. Constructed during the Pandya dynasty by King Kulasekara Pandya, the temple has unique architecture.
  • Religious sites - Kazimar Big Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the city. It was built in the 1200s. Now this 7 centuries old mosque can accommodate more than 1200 people.
  • Shopping hubs - Avani Moola Street is Madurai’s best textile and handicraft can be purchased from here. Various types of clothing and textiles are available from here.
  • Parks and gardens - Rajaji Park is amongst the well-known parks in Madurai. Inside the park are shelters, stone benches, picnics, restrooms, sports areas, waterfalls, grassy fields, bike riding, playground, jogging, and several varied recreational activities.

Airport address

  • Madurai Airport is located at Airport Rd, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625022
  • IATA code - IXM

FAQs about Madurai to Kolhapur flights

What are the good shopping destinations in Kolhapur?

Shahupuri Market, Vinayak Mall, MJ Scott Mall are some of the good shopping destinations in Kolhapur.

Is there a flight from Chennai to Kolhapur?

Yes, there are plenty of flights on this route. Login to IndiGo and select the flight.

What are IndiGo charter services?

Book a private ride by booking an IndiGo charter service.

What is the 6E Wedding Charter?

You can book a private plane to carry your relatives and friends to your dream wedding destination with this service.

Are there kids’ meal facilities on a flight?

Kids’ meals or children’s meals can be pre-booked and will be served in-flight.

What is test before take-off?

A pre-flight Covid test can be taken with a partner healthcare services provider before a flight. 

What are 6E rewards?

They are rewards-based loyalty programs that can be redeemed for cheap IndiGo flight tickets and more.

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