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What is Belagavi best known for?

Belagavi (formerly known as “Venugrama” or “Bamboo Village”) is one of the oldest, most powerful, magnificent and thriving historical sites on the Western Ghats. The city's old cotton and silk scenery stands prominently outside the modern, bustling British Cantonment of Britain. Get out of the castles and you have many options for temples and churches to visit. Belagavi has a lovely heritage and offers many intriguing stories to unfold. It is located in the cultural landscape between Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa with an ancient trace that dates back to the 2nd Century AD. It is also known as Manalenadu or Rainforest and the vegetation here is lush and green all year round. Hundreds of years have passed, and today the story is completely different. Belagavi has now become one of the most important and growing districts in the state of Karnataka.

Here are the best places in Belagavi

  • Belgaum Fort: This magnificent fort was built in 1204 AD under Ratta Dynasty’s reign and is inspired by various art forms such as Deccan, Calukyan and Indo-Saracenic.
  • Gokak Falls: The falls also known as “Niagara Falls” is one of the most spectacular views in Belagavi. The waterfalls from a height of 171 meters are surrounded by green mountains.
  • Jamboti Hills & Falls: This is the origin of the Mandovi River which is the longest river that flows till Goa. Located on the outskirts of Belagavi, it is a great place to do adventure activities like camping, trekking and hiking.
  • Mahadeva Military Temple: The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is maintained by the Indian Army of Southern Command. The foundation stone of the temple was laid in 1954 by Lieutenant General SM Shrinagesh. A mini zoo nearby is a cute little place for kids.
  • Rajhansgad Yellur Fort: This fort is surrounded by lush green fields, located at a height of nearly 2,500 ft above sea level. The fort dates back to the era of Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Peshwas-Marathas.
  • Kamala Basti: Built in Chalukyan style, the Neminatha idol in black stone. This fort was built in 1209 by Bichirja from the Ratta Dynasty. This Lotus Jain Temple is a beautiful example of the carved architecture of the bygone era.
  • Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary of birds is spread over an area of ​​29 sq. Km. It owns a temporary home for many migratory birds such as the European White Stork and the Demoiselle Crane.
  • Malaprabha Dam: It is a tributary of the Krishna River supplying drinking water to nearby village areas. It is 40 feet wide and has four gates. It is located in a small town called Saundatti in Belagavi, which was once a capital of the Ratta Dynasty.
  • Godachinmalki Waterfalls: The waterfalls is located on Markandeya river, is surrounded by a rugged valley, it is a popular tourist destination in Belagavi. It is located at a distance of 16 kms from Gokak.
  • Naviluteertha : It is a beautiful valley sandwiched between two hills. Naviluteertha is a small village and is a well-known picnic spot. The place was home to many peacocks. It has a Dam built in 1974.

Airport Address- Belgaum Airport, Bagalkot-Belgaum Road, Sambra, Karnataka


The Prayagraj to Belagavi flight route

There are many connecting flights operated by IndiGo from Prayagraj to Belagavi with layovers in multiple cities. You can download the IndiGo mobile app to book your Belagavi flight and meals on the go. Also, you may sign up for push notifications to stay updated about the latest offers and guidelines featured by IndiGo.

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IndiGo provides numerous benefits to the passengers booking flights with IndiGo.

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All about Prayagraj

The city of Prayagraj is one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh and is located at the confluence of three rivers — the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the invisible Saraswati. The meeting point is known as the Tribe and is especially sacred to Hindus. The first Aryan settlements were established in this city, and then known as Prayag. Prayagraj is one of India's most historic and legendary cities with a brighter past and present. It continues to enjoy the distinction of being a place of lasting memories. It is a city of mixed culture of Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Christians. Its holiness is reflected in its references to the Purans, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata.

Places to visit in Prayagraj

  • Top government bodies: Khusro Bagh, Allahabad Museum
  • Heritage monuments: Allahabad Fort, Ulta Kila, Lakshagriha
  • Religious sites: Shringverpur, All Saints Cathedral, Chara Madho, Vat Madho
  • Shopping hubs: Vinayak City Center, Queen Hub, Circle Fashion Hub
  • Parks and Gardens: Minto Park, Chandra Shekhar Azad Park, Hathi Park
  • Food: Meet and Eat Biryani, Sagar Ratna, Hasty Tasty Bar Restaurant

Prayagraj Airport Information

Prayagraj Airport is spread across an area of one acre. It has one terminal which is capable of handling around 120 passengers at a time. Prayagraj airport operates domestic departures and arrivals only.

  • Airport Address- Prayagraj Airport, New Civil Terminal, ITBP Rd, near 18th ITBP Camp, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
  • IATA Code- IXD

FAQs about Prayagraj to Belagavi flights

How can I skip the hassle of check-in?

To skip the hassle of standing in long queues, you can easily web check-in by logging on the IndiGo website or mobile app.

Are there any in-flight means available in IndiGo?

Yes, IndiGo’s 6E tiffin services are available for adding a taste of flavour to your flight experience.

Does IndiGo provide meals for kids on the flights?

Yes, with the 6E Tiffin service of India, you can get meals for kids on board. 

How do I book snacks for my flight online and what are the charges?

You can pre-book your snack under 6E Tiffin or Seat & Eat or you can purchase snack items on-board on availability.

What is Plan B?

In case of any cancellations of flights from IndiGo’s end, you can either claim a refund or reschedule your flight under the Plan B program.

How can I get around in Belagavi?

Buses and auto-rickshaws are the best way of getting around Belagavi. 

What are the best places to stay in Belagavi?

PAI resorts, Regenta Resort, and Kallina Mane Homestay are some of the best places to stay in Belagavi.

What are some places to shop in Belagavi?

BESTBUY, Novelty Stores, and Roopam are some of the best places to shop in Belagavi.

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