Surat Airport Surat - Dumas Road near Magdalla, Surat Gujarat 395007
Bagdogra Airport Airport Road, Bagdogra Darjeeling District, Siliguri West Bengal 734421

Surat to Bagdogra Flights

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The easiest and the most convenient way for travellers to fly from Surat to Bagdogra is to take flights offered by IndiGo with a layover at Bangalore and then Kolkata.

About Surat: The textile hub

Surat is situated in Gujarat and is known for producing textiles and hence is the textile hub of India. It was earlier one of the largest seaports and hence considered the economic and commercial centre of Gujarat. But now, it consists of various textile industries of finest qualities and hence provides one of the finest quality of cloth in the market of India- and, therefore, considered as the textile hub of India and except that surat has a huge tourist attraction due to its history and infrastructure.

Things to do in Surat

The first thing a person wants to travel is a bit of relaxation other than in the hotel room which can be done by visiting Amaazia water park or Snow park. It is the best place to relax after travelling a lot and also it is enormous and clean and contains various fun rides.

People who are interested in the natural beauty and wildlife may visit the Sarthana natural park and Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden to enhance the serene beauty of the place.

Best places to visit in Surat

People who have a great interest in the history of a particular place may visit the Surat Castle, which holds the old golden times of surat when it was flourishing. Also, they may visit the Sardar Patel Museum and Science Museum, which is also the centre of attraction.

Last but not least, who would like to go to a place with no beaches, therefore Ubhrat Beach and Dumas Beach are famous beaches and the best place to find peace of mind in this chaotic world.

Best time to visit Surat

From October to March is the most suitable time to visit Surat due to the cold and soothing weather. It is ideal for outdoor activities.

Weather of Surat

Since it is located near the sea of the Gulf of Cambay and is largely affected by it due to which the summer season lasts a longer time than any other season.

The perfect time to visit Surat is between October to march, that is during the winter season so that one can enjoy the places without experiencing the hot and humid weather of surat.

Places to shop in Surat

Those who are interested in shopping are sure to find reasons to indulge in. Since it has a rich collection of textile, you can buy the famous silk sarees of surat.

It is also famous for its richness not even in culture but also in the finest quality of gold and diamond jewellery.

Modes of transport in Surat

Bus, taxis and cabs are always available in Surat. Auto-rickshaws are the most used mode of public transport in Surat. It can be booked for any part of the city. Transportation system connects major places in Surat.

Airport in Surat

Surat airport is not much away from the city. It is around 10km away from the main city and 9km from Dumas beach for those who want to visit the beach beforehand. The airport has only one terminal. One can board a Bagdogra to Dehradun, Bagdogra to Bhopal, Bagdogra to Amritsar or Bagdogra to Surat flight from this airport for their journey.

Bagdogra: A census town

Bagdogra is situated in the Darjeeling district of India. It has a very different and unique culture of India which is apart from the north Indian and south Indian cultures. Since many Indian states are getting trapped in the vicious circle of western society, this place has preserved its culture until today. Therefore only it is named a census state. It is also an air force station of Indian army.

Things to do in Bagdogra

Since this place is a hill station, there are various fun activities done by the tourists and the local people have started various fun activities like rope climbing and many more.

A fun, action-packed night out with friends is a completely enthralling experience in the valleys and rivers.

Best places to visit in Bagdogra

Coronation Bridge is one of the architecture that must not be missed while visiting Bagdogra. This bridge is around 9 km away from Bagdogra airport. This bridge is built over the Tista river and one of the most prestigious infrastructures of India.

Science City is also one of the tourist attractions, which is around 8 km from Bagdogra airport. It is a fun place for children.

People also prefer to visit the air force station, which is one of the very proud moments for an Indian to visit the ones who are protecting them without self-care.

Places to shop in Bagdogra

New Mahakal market, Chowk Bazaar and Darjeeling & Rink malls are some of the places where you can do shopping.

Weather in Bagdogra

Since this place is situated in the Darjeeling state of India, we can easily pretend that it is a hill station and hence the best time to visit will be during October to march since you can witness snowfall during this time of the months.

Modes of transport in Bagdogra

Taxis (private/ reserved/ shared) and local buses are available. Toy trains of Darjeeling also serve as local transport in some of the routes. Cabs are also available on request.

Airport in Bagdogra

The airport of Bagdogra is around 10 km from the central city. The airport is also constructed on a huge mass of land. To some, it may seem that it will be a small place, but it is different, and therefore it is an international airport. The address is provided below

Address: Civil Aerodrome, Bagdogra, Siliguri-734421 (WB)

IATA code: IXB

FAQs about Surat to Bagdogra flights

How can I check my flight status?

You can check your flight status by visiting and entering your flight details in

the ‘Flight Status’ tab.

How do I book my Surat to Bagdogra flight tickets?

You can book your Surat to Bagdogra flight tickets by visiting or by using

the IndiGo mobile app.

Is there any non-stop flight from Surat to Bagdogra?

IndiGo does not offer non-stop flights from Surat to Bagdogra at present. Please check the flight schedule for updated information.

How early can I web check-in?

You can web check-in 48 hours before departure time.

How much can I carry in hand baggage?

IndiGo allows single cabin baggage weighing up to seven kg.

How far is the central railway station of Bagdogra from the airport?

The central railway station is located around 1 km from the airport.

Do I need a separate ticket for my 5-year-old child?

Yes, children over the age of two years of age need to have a separate ticket, as per safety guidelines.

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