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Male to Kochi Flights

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Male to Kochi Flights with IndiGo

For the best travel experience, IndiGo offers the lowest fare for the flights from Male to Kochi. Kochi, also known as Cochin, is one of the most densely populated cities in Kerala. Famously called ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’, Kochi is a treat for travellers and adventure seekers. The densely populated city makes sure that the travellers are treated with mouth-watering food to the great shopping experience. Our return Kochi to Male flights are there to provide you with the best experience in reaching your destination. 

Lowest fares on Male to Kochi Flight Tickets

IndiGo offers direct flights from Male to Kochi with the lowest fares. Apart from this, IndiGo offers various cashback and other added services like Excess baggage, 6E flex, Seat Plus, IndiCombo and Fast Forward to make sure that your journey on Kochi to Male flight is comfortable and hassle-free. One can make flight bookings directly from the website,, or can download their mobile app available in the app store. IndiGo also has a dedicated customer service that aims at easing the queries of customers and also assists them in booking the tickets or planning their vacation. 

Kochi - Heaven in God’s Own Country

Surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Kochi or Cochin is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Kochi maintains the old-world charm with modern-day life with utmost elegance. Located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, Kochi is also called the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ because of its scenic beauty. 

Things to do in Kochi

Sightseeing: Religious places, historical landmarks, breath-taking shorelines, Kochi has a lot to offer tourists. 

Backwater homestays: One of the best and one of its kind are the backwater homestays. These offer a doorway to the rustic culture and tradition of Kerala. 

Cultural Tours: The city takes cultures and traditions hand in hand with the modern outlook. Many cultural shows and performances take place across the city which the tourist can enjoy. 

Tourist attraction in Kochi

Fort Kochi: Back in the day, it used to be the hub of the spice traders from across the globe. With an abundant history of the place, a walk around Fort Kochi will take you on a memorable trip to the past. 

Dutch Palace: Built-in a proper Portuguese style, the Dutch Palace has many murals and painting which is surely a treat for art lovers. 

Best Time to visit Kochi

October to February is the best time for the travellers, adventure seekers, and honeymooners to visit this beautiful city. With the temperature going down, the city becomes livelier and offers a much better experience for the visitors. 

Weather in Kochi

Summers come early and last from March to June. Rains have their own charms and are generally from July to September. Winters last from October to February. 

Modes of transport

Kochi is a tourist destination and almost everywhere the tourist can find cabs and taxis that can take the tour from one place to another. 

Airports in Kochi

The main airport in Kochi is Cochin International Airport. The Airport caters to major airlines in the country. IndiGo offers flight connectivity from Kochi to other major cities of the country with its Kochi to DubaiKochi to DohaKochi to Male and Kochi to Jeddah flights.


Places to shop in Kochi

Broadway: the small street shopping destination of Kochi, Broadway has a litter of small shops that provide everything from clothes to electronic items. 

MG Road: The home to almost every high-end brand, MG road is most preferred by the locals. 

Male – A bright and lively island awaits you

Male, pronounced mar-lay, is the capital city of Maldives. The densely crowded city offers a stark contrast to the laid back and relaxed lifestyle of an island. Lively markets, tall brightly coloured buildings, quirky cafes- surrounded by turquoise coloured water, the island is unlike any other island you might have visited. 

Things to do in Male

Beaches: Surrounded by water on all sides, Male beaches are tourist-friendly. Water sports are offered at every beach and beach cafes offer a good variety of food and cocktails to the tourists 

Snorkelling: Male has a rich variety of marine life and a guided snorkelling trip gives the tourist a window to see the innumerable marine species and colourful marine life. 

Walking tour: From the Male harbour to the major attractions of the island with lunch and snacks at the best places of the city, walking tour provides the tourist with an insight of the city and its history. 

Tourist attractions in Male

National Museum: Maldives National Museum may not be the best-looking building on the island but it contains a well- labelled collection of histories of the island. 

China- Maldives Friendship Bridge: This incredible engineering masterpiece connects Male to Hulhule. The support and the groundwork of the bridge are planted deep under the seabed and the project cost around $250 million. 

Old Friday Mosque: The oldest mosque of the country dates back to 1656. The Quranic scripts have been carved into the coral stones with intricate designs. 

Places to shop in Male

Male offers both budget shopping to high-end luxury shopping. Centro mall is well known for its luxury brands and one can find a wide range of clothes and home appliances. For budget shopping, Island Bazaar is well known for its intricate handmade souvenirs. From scarves to handmade jewellery, Island Bazaar has something for everyone. 

Best time to visit Male

The best time to experience Male is between May to November. The weather during these months is cooler as compared to the rest of the year. On 26th July, Maldives celebrates its Independence Day. Marches and parades are taken across the island on 11th November marking their Republic Day.

Modes of transport in Male

The best way for going around the city is the bicycle but since not every hotel or resort offers rented bicycles to the tourists, it can be difficult to find one. However, the city offers various taxis that can get you from one place to another in just minutes. 

Weather of Male

Being an island, Male has a typical tropical climate. Rainfall and proper sunlight are present all year round. However, from May to November, the humidity in the sir is comparatively less as compared to other months making sightseeing easy and travel-friendly. 

Airport in Male

Male has one international airport, Velana International Airport. The airport caters to almost all the major airlines globally. IndiGo offers non- stop flight from Kochi to Male. IndiGo also connects Male to other destinations such as Delhi and Mumbai. 


FAQs about Male to Kochi flights

How do I book my Male to Kochi Flight Tickets?

You can book your tickets on the website, IndiGo counter at the airports, partner travel agencies or via mobile app. 

How many flights does IndiGo Provide from Kochi to Male?

IndiGo provides one flight every day from Kochi to Male

What are the check-in options available?

IndiGo offers Kiosk check-in, web check-in, airport check-in, and auto check-in option. 

What is the shortest flight to Male?

IndiGo offers non- stop flight from Kochi to Male. 

Which flight is cheapest from Kochi to Male?

Non- stop flights are cheapest and reach the destination in the shortest time. 

How do I check my Male to Kochi flight status?

You can check the flight PNR status on the website, mobile app or call our customer care.

Does the flight from Kochi to Male have a layover?

No, the flight from Kochi to Male is non- stop. 

How much can I carry in hand baggage?

IndiGo offers the passengers to carry up to 7 kg hand baggage. 

How early can I web check-in?

IndiGo allows the passengers to check-in as early as 48 hours prior to the flight schedule. 

How many flights fly from Male to Kochi every day?

IndiGo offers one flight per day from Male to Kochi.

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