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Kochi to Patna Flights

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Kochi and Patna are two important business centres and cities, which are also famous among tourists. Naturally, thousands of people travel to and from Kochi and Patna. Taking the rail route or the highway takes too long. For quick and comfortable means of reaching Patna from Kochi, look no further than Kochi to Patna flights operated by IndiGo. You can visit the official IndiGo website ( or download the IndiGo app to find out more on Kochi to Patna lowest airfare options and amazing deals such as Flexi Plus or Saver packs.

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In response to the urgent need of a swift and cost-effective mode of travelling, IndiGo operates quite a few connecting flights from Kochi to Patna regularly with layovers in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Kochi to Patna flights take from 9 hours and 50 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes. The duration of your flight depends on the layover.

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More than 2000 years ago, Patna was the capital of the Gupta, Magadha and Maurya kingdoms. Back then, it was known as Pataliputra. It was famous the world over as a seat of learning that drew scholars, including Aryabhatta and Chanakya. Pataliputra was also one of the most important trade centres of the world back then. Even today, it continues to be a capital city and the industrial and administrative centre of Bihar. Patna, with its flexible business laws, has become one of the most favoured places in India to start a business.

Things to do in Patna

To experience the ancient vibes of the city, tourists must visit Patna Museum where they will get to see the artefacts and sculptures dating back to the era of the Gupta and Mauryas. Nehru Park and Buddha Smriti Park offer tourists an opportunity to breathe in some clean air and enjoy the nature. After that, a boat ride on the Ganga is imperative. Tourists can board boats from Gandhi Ghat.

Tourist attractions in Patna

There are many places that attract tourists like the holy Kesaria Stupa, the quiet Gandhi Ghat, the well-stocked Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, Indira Gandhi Planetarium, St Mary’s Church, Padri ke Haveli and the historically important East Champaran.

Places to shop in Patna

If you like classical paintings, then Maurya Lok Emporium is the boutique you have to visit. Here, you will find paintings in the Madhubani style. Another famous boutique is Ajanta where you can find beautifully crafted wall hangings and other artwork. In Patna Market, you will find everything you were looking for, from jewellery to clothes.

Best time to visit Patna

The summer months in Patna are very hot. It is best to visit the city when the temperature cools down, during the winter months. October to March is when you can explore the city comfortably.

Modes of transport in Patna

Auto-rickshaws called tempos ply in Patna. You can also avail buses or cabs to travel to all parts of Patna.

Weather in Patna

Patna’s summers are extremely hot and sultry. The monsoon season arrives soon afterwards and provides relief from the heat. The winter months in Patna are very cold.

Airport in Patna

Patna Airport (IATA: PAT) is a busy airport and links the city to all major Indian cities. You can find out more about flight routes from the IndiGo website.


Kochi is called the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. Because of its vast treasure trove of spices, it was popular among international traders right from the 14th Century. The Portuguese, and Dutch all landed on the shores of Kochi and this trade route linked the city to the European trade powerhouse countries. Kochi also enjoyed trading relations with Arabia. In fact, this city was such a vital commerce centre that it finds mention in many medieval texts across the world.

Tourist attractions in Kochi

Kochi became a Portuguese colony in the 16th century and hence, churches and forts dot the landscape of the city. Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, Church of St. Francis, Paradesi Synagogue and many more draw thousands of tourists every year.

Places to shop in Kochi

Shoppers must make a beeline for LuLu Mall Kochi. It holds the distinction of being India’s most sprawling shopping mall spread out over a staggering 14 acres of space with a seating capacity of 3000 in the food court. Other places to shop in Kochi are Kuzhupilly Beach and Vasco Da Gama Square.

Modes of transport

Travelling around Kochi is hassle-free, thanks to the many modes of transport available, such as ferries, auto-rickshaws, trains, buses and taxis. Auto-rickshaws are the most ubiquitous and widely-preferred way of travelling to all corners of Kochi.

Weather in Kochi

Kochi’s climate can be described as tropical monsoon because Kochi receives rainfall for almost half the year. The monsoon season arrives in April and usually continues till October. Hence, winters are the best time for tourists.

Airport in Kochi

Cochin International Airport (IATA: COK) has two terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights. An interesting anecdote about this airport is that it is India’s first green-field airport. It is a public-private partnership project, covers 1,445 square meters of land and can handle 1,600 incoming and 1,600 outgoing flights.

FAQs about Kochi to Patna flights

How can I check-in for my Kochi to Patna flight?

You can check-in at the IndiGo counter or avail the web/mobile check-in facility.

How much baggage am I allowed on my Kochi to Patna flight?

You can carry up to 15 kg of baggage.

What happens if I exceed my baggage allowance?

You will have to pay a fee for every kilogram of additional baggage.

What is the quickest Kochi to Patna flight?

The shortest Kochi to Patna flight takes 4 hours and 30 minutes.

How will I be notified of changes in the flight schedule?

IndiGo will send you notification on your given mobile number via an SMS or by an e-mail to your registered ID.

Do I need to pay anything extra for my infant on IndiGo flights?

Different destinations charge different fees for infant travellers. You can find out more on the IndiGo website or app. 

What to do if my baggage has not arrived at Patna Airport?

Please contact IndiGo staff at the destination airport for assistance.

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