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One of Madhya Pradesh's most beautiful cities, Gwalior is renowned for its majestic palaces, historic temples and forts. In addition to being the birthplace of the legendary musician Tansen, the city is renowned for its illustrious past and rich cultural heritage.

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About Chandigarh to Gwalior flights 

About Gwalior 

The charming city of Gwalior, located in Madhya Pradesh, has an intriguing draw for tourists. The city's historical landmarks, old-world charm, and forward-thinking development all work together to draw tourists. This city is a singular and everlasting example of a rich past waiting to be explored, blessed with wonderful historical examples. The history of Gwalior is based on a myth. A hermit by the name of Gwalipa was able to heal a seriously ill local chief named Suraj Sen in the eighth century. In return, he built the city he had wanted to and gave it the saint's name. Since that time, the city has a history of serving as the capital.

Places to visit in Gwalior

  • The Gwalior Fort: The Gwalior Fort, one of the most formidable fortifications in all of northern and southern India, was referred to by Mughal emperor Babur as ‘the pearl among fortresses in India’. It is a place you must visit. This towering building, which is located on top of a sizable rocky mountain close to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, central India, dominates the entire city. Evidence reveals that it has existed since the sixth century and is an essential component of the city's identity and architecture. It is also the location of the second-oldest known reference to the number ‘zero’, which was discovered as a carving within a temple on the fort's top.
  • Gujari Mahal: Gujari Mahal, which Man Singh constructed in the 15th century for his favourite wife Mrignayani, is now in ruins but doubles as an archaeological museum because it has a variety of sculptures, statues, and other artefacts from the first and second centuries BC.
  • Tomb of Tansen: Tansen was one of India's greatest musicians as well as a prominent vocalist in Akbar's courts throughout the middle ages. He was also one of the Mughal court's nine pearls. According to legend, Tansen could summon rain, produce magic, and even enchant animals with his music. He learned Hindustani classical music from Mohammad Ghaus, who was his teacher. He created the Gwalior Gharana musical genre and supported the Dhrupad style. He was laid to rest close to his mentor, and this burial place is a stunning example of architecture. Every year in November, the Tansen Music Festival is held here, attracting well-known musicians from all around the nation to play in a variety of classical performances.
  • The Saas Bahu Temple: The Saas Bahu Temple, which dates back to the ninth century, draws both tourists and devoted followers. In contrast to what the name might imply, the Saas Bahu Temple is a short form of Shastra Bahu, another name for Lord Vishnu. It does not refer to the mother-in-law or the daughter-in-law. These two temples are next to one another and have exquisite carvings and sculptures all over them.
  • Gwalior Zoo: Gwalior is a vibrant city with a rich history, and the zoo is just one more accolade. The Gwalior Zoo, which was founded by the royal dynasty Madhao Rao Scindia back in 1922, is a part of a bigger garden called Phool Bagh and is home to several rare types of animals. Wild animals that may be found here include spotted deer, black bucks, sambhars, white tigers, golden peasants, and hyenas. The zoo is also home to several smaller populations of crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, and birds. The 8 hectares of land that make up the zoo have been designated as a protected site and are cared for by the Municipal Corporation of Gwalior as part of its patrimony due to the presence of rare kinds of wild animals there.

Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindhia Airport, Gwalior

The Maharajpur Air Force Station, 10 km to the northeast of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, is home to the civil enclave airport, known as Gwalior Airport. It is one of Madhya Pradesh's four airports. The terminal can accommodate 350 passengers per hour, and the airport has a total land area of 760.7 acres. Two Airbus A320 and one small aircraft may land on the 100 by 150 m apron simultaneously. The only active air force base with two operational parallel runways is the Gwalior Air Base. Construction on the second runway began in February 2009, and it was put into use in October 2010. The GWL airport code is used for Gwalior Airport.

About Chandigarh

The most well-planned city in India, Chandigarh boasts famous international architecture. It is a prominent city that serves as the capital of the union territory of Chandigarh as well as the states of Punjab and Haryana. This city, which serves as the face of contemporary India, was designed and built by renowned French architect Le Corbusier. Although tranquilly and a metropolis are opposed ideas, the "City Beautiful" proves them wrong. Chandigarh is a unique example of how modernity and the preservation of the environment can coexist. Here, the designs for construction include trees and plants just as much as they do buildings and highways. India's first planned city is a wealthy, prosperous, spacious, green metropolis that is appropriately referred to as ‘the City Beautiful’.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh

Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, a customs airport, serves the Punjab and Chandigarh Union Territory. The Jhiurheri hamlet in the Punjabi city of Mohali lies close to the airport. The airport connects Chandigarh with 17 domestic and 2 foreign destinations using six domestic carriers. Its IATA code is IXC.

FAQs about Chandigarh to Gwalior flights

What are the things that are not allowed on flights to Gwalior?

Dry cell batteries, sharp things, arms or its replica, and devices that cannot be shut down are a few things that are not allowed in the flight. 

What are the charges if I exceed the baggage allowance limit while travelling from Chandigarh to Gwalior?

One needs to pay ₹550 per kg for exceeding the baggage allowance limit while travelling from Chandigarh to Gwalior

Does IndiGo provide free water bottles on the flight to Gwalior?

No, IndiGo doesn’t provide free water bottles while travelling to Gwalior. But you can carry your water bottle, and also free water cups are provided on the flight.

Is meal free on IndiGo flights?

There are no complimentary meals on the IndiGo flights to Gwalior.

Can a disabled person carry his/her wheelchair on an IndiGo flight to Gwalior?

Yes, a disabled person can take his/her wheelchair to the plane. 

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