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Gorakhpur to Bhopal Flights

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Travel from Gorakhpur to Bhopal with IndiGo

Gorakhpur to Bhopal flights at the lowest airfare from IndiGo is another effort to bridge the cities in different parts of India. Both cities have a rich history and multiple spots that are worth viewing. Bhopal is currently one of the greenest cities in India with two beautiful lakes. While there are many historical sites, there are also sufficient options for entertaining the casual traveller. On the other hand, Gorakhpur has a distinct cultural identity of its own with a link to the revered Hindu yogi Gorakhnath. Passengers can also take advantage of the Bhopal to Gorakhpur flights on their return journey and avail of the best possible fares.

A smooth journey from Gorakhpur to Bhopal

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For travelling from Gorakhpur to Bhopal, IndiGo has many flights with a layover in Delhi. This surely is the most suitable way to travel from Gorakhpur to Bhopal.

Bhopal - The city of greenery

The capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India is a perfect blend of nature, history and cultural attractions. Bhopal is divided into old and new segments, and each section has a few attractions of its own. There is a wide range of historical and archaeological sites to engage the tourists, and you need a couple of days to explore the charms of the city before you head for your next destination in an IndiGo domestic flight. From Bhopal, you can board a Bhopal to Bhubaneswar, Bhopal to Dehradun, Bhopal to Nagpur, Bhopal to Ranchi flight with IndiGo.

Things to do in Bhopal

Take a boat ride in either of the lakes but note that the upper lake is the oldest one. It also has an adjoining entertainment complex for a session of fun and excitement.

The Van Vihar National Park offers a view into the life of various animals that include both herbivores and carnivores. All the animals were sheltered here after they were orphaned in the wild.

The National Museum of Mankind offers a deep insight into the tribal heritage of India that dates back to the primitive period of the land.

Tourist attractions in Bhopal

The Buddhist complex of Sanchi stupa is a World Heritage site and a must-visit spot from the city.

The fascinating rock shelters in Bhimbetka dates back to the palaeolithic and mesolithic periods and has multiple stunning cave paintings.

The sacred Jain temple of Manua Bhan ki Tekri has a delightful setting and can be visited by enjoying a ropeway ride.

Places to shop in Bhopal

The Bittan market offers a wide variety of products along with handloom exhibitions.

The narrow streets of Chowk Bazaar are a delightful place for hard-core shoppers.

Those who are looking for special handcrafted items can visit the Mrignayani Emporium.

Best time to visit Bhopal

The best time to enjoy the various charms of Bhopal is between October to March.

Modes of transport in Bhopal

The bus service within the city is frequent and convenient. The taxis and auto-rickshaws can also be used for fast travel.

Weather in Bhopal

The summer season is between April and June, and the weather remains hot and humid. The rains come in July, and the sky remains overcast with frequent drizzles. The winters remain clear and cool with clear skies and pleasant weather.

Airport in Bhopal

The Raja Bhoj international airport (BHO) serves the Bhopal city and is at a distance of 15 kilometres from the city centre.

Gorakhpur - The city of the saint

Gorakhpur has a rich history that dates back to the 6th century BC. It is named after yogi Gorakshanath who established the Nath stream of the Hindu spiritual tradition. The city was ruled by various other dynasties including the Mauryas, Guptas, Shungas and the Mughals in subsequent periods. Before taking a tour of Gorakhpur, make sure to pick the cheap Gorakhpur to Bhopal flight ticket prices for your onward journey.

Things to do in Gorakhpur

The temple of Gorakhnath is a sacred spot for the devotees of the saint and seekers belonging to the Nath order.

The railway museum is a special destination as it contains a unique steam engine built in 1874 in London and then shipped to India

The Nehru Park, with its sprawling lawns and lovely gardens, is an ideal spot for those who are seeking interaction with nature.

Tourist attractions in Gorakhpur

The Gita Press is the world’s largest publisher of Hindu texts, and the building has an extensive archive with above 3500 manuscripts and an art gallery.

The Archaeological Museum is a popular destination with a variety of historical and archaeological displays.

The Kushmi Forest is a natural destination, and one can view animals like monkeys, deer and fox in the area.

Places to shop in Gorakhpur

The city has quite a few malls like the City Mall, Cross Road Mall and the TP Nagar shopping Mall. The local handicrafts include classic handloom items and craftwork by artisans from the local village. The Terracotta Town at the outskirts of the city is a good spot for buying exclusive terracotta items.

Best time to visit Gorakhpur

The best time to visit Gorakhpur is between October and March.

Modes of transport in Gorakhpur

The bus service and auto-rickshaws are the two primary options for travelling around the city. In addition, there are taxis and hired cars for visiting nearby destinations.

Weather in Gorakhpur

Summer is the longest season, and it remains hot during the period between April and July. The rains come in mid-July, and the weather turns humid and oppressive. The period of winter lasts from December to February, and it remains cold with clear skies.

Airport in Gorakhpur

The Mahayogi Gorakhnath airport (GOP) is located at a distance of 8 kilometres from the main city.

FAQs about Gorakhpur to Bhopal flights

What is the best way to reach the airport in Gorakhpur?

The best way to reach the airport is to take a taxi from your hotel.

How can I check my IndiGo flight status?

You can visit and select the ‘Flight Status’ tab to check the latest status of any flight.

Is there any Gorakhpur to Bhopal flight by IndiGo via New Delhi?

Yes. IndiGo operates flights between the two cities that have a stopover at New Delhi.

Do I need a separate ticket for my 5-year-old in Gorakhpur to Bhopal flight?

Yes, all children above two years of age need separate tickets.

Is there any non-stop flight from Gorakhpur to Bhopal?

At present, there is no non-stop flight between the two cities.

What are the check-in options available after flight booking?

A passenger can choose from web-check-in, app check-in or kiosk check-in.

What are the airport facilities available in Bhopal Airport?

The facilities include Wi-Fi, ATMs, child care room, tourist information centre, restaurants, shops and lounges.

Is public transport readily available at Bhopal Airport?

The public transport includes an air-conditioned bus service along with taxi services.

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