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BAH to Rajkot Flights

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Rajkot is situated in Gujarat, a state in western India. The city has many notable places that tourists can visit such as the Lang Library, which houses Gujarati literature, and the Watson Museum, which houses artwork and relics from British colonial administration. Additionally, dolls from around the world are on display at the Rotary Dolls Museum.

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About Bahrain to Rajkot flights 

  • Distance between Bahrain and Rajkot: The aerial distance between the two places is approximately 2,092 km.
  • Bahrain to Rajkot flights: IndiGo provides connecting flights from Bahrain to Rajkot. If you are looking for a return flight ticket from Rajkot to Bahrain, then you don't have to worry because IndiGo also provides round-trip options. As easy as it is to book flights to Rajkot, so is one to Bahrain.
  • Bahrain to Rajkot duration and timings: It will take from 8 hours and 40 minutes to 15 hours and 5 minutes to travel on an IndiGo flight from Bahrain to Rajkot. Visit IndiGo’s official website for further details on the flights available.
  • Bahrain to Rajkot flight ticket price: An IndiGo flight from Bahrain to Rajkot will cost you between ₹10,500 and ₹17,500.

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About Rajkot 

Rajkot is a city in India's state of Gujarat. The city is a significant industrial and commercial hub. Rajkot is also known for the production of cotton and woollen textiles, along with ceramics, diesel engines, and water pump sets. Traditional crafts are well-known in Rajkot like silver work, embroidery, and patola weaving.

Places to visit in Rajkot

  • Khambhalida Caves: Three Buddhist caverns make up the Khambhalida Caves, sometimes referred to as Rajkot Caves. They are located near the town of Gondal. They were discovered by an archaeologist in 1958. A crumbling stupa located in the middle cave, is known as Chaitya. A collection of Buddhist caves that date back to the 4th century are guarded by two sentinels, one is a statue of a Bodhisattva that stands on the left, and a statue of Vajrapani stands on the right.
  • Kaba Gandhi No Delo: In Rajkot, which is well-recognised for being the city where Mahatma Gandhi spent his formative years, trips to the Kaba Gandhi No Delo are among the most significant and well-liked tourist attractions. The Kaba Gandhi No Delo, as its name suggests, was Mahatma Gandhi's home while his father was the Diwan of Rajkot. With preserved artefacts and a photographic tour of Gandhi's life, the site is now a museum. An NGO also provides classes on the premises. These workshops are mostly geared at sewing and embroidery work for those who desire to learn. Kaba Gandhi No Delo is located on Rajkot's bustling Gheekantha Road, making it easy to locate this place.
  • Pradhyuman Zoological Park: Lalpari Lake lies beside Pradhyuman Zoological Park in Rajkot, Gujarat. Many locals and visitors use this spot for picnics, excursions, or school trips. The two lakes that encircle the park, Lake Lalpari and Lake Randarda, provide a natural habitat for migrating birds. It boasts of a variety of flora with more than 35,000 trees.
  • Gondal: Around 35 km south of Rajkot is the lovely city of Gondal. The Darbargadh and the Riverside Palace add to the city's enduring grandeur and regal aura. The Riverside Palace, which was made in 1875, is now a landmark hotel with enormous grounds that double as a woodland preserve where visitors can occasionally view animals and rare bird species. The Darbargadh, on the other hand, is a palace from the 17th century with stunning arches scattered across the grounds.

About Rajkot Airport

A public airport serving Rajkot, Gujarat, is called Rajkot Airport. Its IATA code is RAJ.

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About Bahrain

Within the Persian Gulf sits the group of islands known as Bahrain. It is located close to Qatar's northern border and Saudi Arabia's eastern border. Along with several other smaller islands and islets, it consists of one main island. Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia all border Bahrain on the sea. Bahrain's main island's northern side is home to the bulk of the country's residents.

About Bahrain Airport

Bahrain's primary airport is known as Bahrain International Airport. It is the Persian Gulf's oldest international airport, being opened in 1927. BAH is the IATA code for Bahrain International Airport.

FAQs about Bahrain to Rajkot flights

What is the distance between Bahrain to Rajkot?

The aerial distance between Bahrain and Rajkot is about 2,092 km.

Does IndiGo provide a 6E Bagport service at Rajkot Airport?

No, IndiGo doesn’t provide 6E Bagport service at Rajkot Airport.

What is the IATA code for Rajkot Airport?

The IATA code for Rajkot Airport is RAJ.

Can I check my flight status online for Bahrain to Rajkot flights?

Yes, you can easily check your flight status online through IndiGo’s website or mobile app.

How should I proceed if my flight to Rajkot is cancelled?

IndiGo will either reschedule your flight or provide a refund.

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