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An adventure awaits with IndiGo Bangkok to Gorakhpur flights

IndiGo is the largest passenger airline in India. It guarantees timely arrivals, low cost bookings and a smooth transition from one place to another. Since its formation, IndiGo has grown from a single plane in operation to a large fleet of 280 aircraft. It is one of the most preferred airlines for travel both domestically and internationally. The IndiGo flight from Bangkok to Gorakhpur is evidence of that fact.

For those travellers with a thirst for adventure and intrigue, book your very own Bangkok to Gorakhpur flight tickets as well as your return tickets from Gorakhpur to Bangkok flight with IndiGo. Several IndiGo flights have layovers at destinations such as Kolkata and Delhi.

Book Bangkok to Gorakhpur flight tickets with IndiGo

Several connecting flights fall under IndiGo purview between the cities of Bangkok and Gorakhpur. The layover cities for this route are Kolkata and Delhi. If customers book direct flights with IndiGo the average duration of the flight is 10 hr and 35 min. If one books a connecting flight, the flight time will be around 17 hr and 30 min. To avail more information on the flights available on this route, check the IndiGo website.

By booking flights to Gorakhpur with IndiGo, customers are assured that all the safety measures are taken during the Covid 19 pandemic. IndiGo ensures that guidelines and rules are adhered to guarantee the safety and well-being of all the passengers.

What is Gorakhpur best known for?

Gorakhpur is a big and bustling city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur city is situated on the banks of the Rohani and Rapti rivers. A place of religious importance, Gorakhpur receives several tourists year-round. Gorakhpur derives its name from Saint Gorakhnath. The city is full of wonderful tourist sites and attractions like temples, museums, a Planetarium, and even a historically famous publishing house.

Here are the best-known places in Gorakhpur

  • Gorakhnath Temple: Built to honour Guru Gorakhnath, an influential Hindu yoghurt, and saint. The temple has seen many of the Saint's followers who practise Guru Gorakhnath’s teachings. Though the temple has weathered several attacks, it has been rebuilt many times. It is still one of the most architecturally significant sites in the city.
  • Gita Press: The Gita Press was founded in 1923. A publishing house built primarily for the publishing and distribution of religious texts such as the Bhagavad Gita. The architecture of the publishing house is truly unique. It is built with domestic and marble walls that depict tales from the Mahabharata.
  • Archaeological Museum: Founded in 1957, the museum showcases historical artefacts that bring to life the history of Gorakhpur. The museum displays artefacts such as stamps, photographs, coins, and sculptures. It is looked after by the Department of Ancient Indian History, Archaeology, and Culture of Gorakhpur University.
  • Arogya Mandir: The Arogya Mandir is the prime attraction of Gorakhpur. It is a wellness centre that offers various therapies such as mud therapy, hydrotherapy, yoga, and meditation, etc. It offers a ten-day program that focuses on improving your health using simple everyday lessons.

There is no shortage of places for one to visit at Gorakhpur. One must also sample the exquisite cuisine that the city has to offer.

Airport in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur Airport The airport is located 8 km away from the main city. It is also known as the Mahayogi Gorakhnath Airport. IndiGo flights can be easily booked for and from this airport. The airport is engulfed with many customer-friendly facilities.

  • Airport address- Gorakhpur Airport, Gorakhpur International Airport, National Highway 28. Gorakhpur. Uttar Pradesh. India.
  • IATA code- GOP

What are the benefits of booking flights with IndiGo?

Customers can book their Bangkok to Gorakhpur flight tickets with IndiGo to receive a variety of services.

  • 6E Meal service: This service allows customers to pre-book their preferred snack that they want to enjoy during their flight.
  • Excess baggage add-on service: Passengers can travel with additional baggage by pre-booking the same in advance.
  • Fast Forward service: This service allows passengers to save time by checking in first and getting their baggage on priority.
  • 6E Prime: This service allows passengers to avail the seat and snack of their choosing along with the Fast Forward Service.

All about Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Considered to be the gateway of Thailand, Bangkok is a hub of international tourist attractions. It consists of a variety of attractions such as palaces, temples, theme parks, and marketplaces.

Here are the things Bangkok is best known for

  • The Grand Palace: Adorned with intricate designs and beautiful architecture, the Grand Palace is the seat of the Thai King. It also serves as the Royal Court and the base for the administrative government.
  • Theme parks: Theme parks such as Bangkok Safari World, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, Siam Park City add their own brand of fun and adventure to the city’s tourists.
  • Market places: Market places like the Floating Market of Bangkok, Chatuchak Market, etc are one of many that hold tourists and shoppers alike captive. It caters to all and houses any product that one could ever desire.
  • Buddhist temples: Temples such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Saket, Wat Pho, etc. add their own brand of cultural heritage into the mix of tourist destination sites.

If one visits Bangkok, one must not miss out on the chance to taste the local cuisine which is packed with flavour.

Airport in Bankok

The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is reported to be the 17th busiest airport in the world. It has three terminals. Two of these terminals cater to international flights while one handles domestic flights.

  • Airport address- Bang Phli, Samutprakarn, 10540 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • IATA code- BKK

FAQs about Bangkok to Gorakhpur flights

How do I manage bookings for IndiGo flights?

You can easily manage any bookings of your IndiGo flight by clicking on the link in the website . 

What are the benefits of 6E Rewards?

The 6E Rewards service that IndiGo offers its customers allows customers to earn points whenever they fly with IndiGo. These points also let them shop and do out with the companies affiliated with IndiGo.

Are there any flights available from Bangkok to Gorakhpur during the Covid 19 pandemic?

Yes, flights are available for travel from Bangkok to Gorakhpur as well as for a return trip. For further details, passengers should check the website

How do I check the status of my IndiGo flight?

If customers have booked tickets with IndiGo, one can check the status of your flight with the help of the mobile app or on the website.

Is IndiGo practising any Covid 19 safety guidelines?

Yes, Covid 19 guidelines are being followed. For more information, customers can check the mobile app or the IndiGo website.

Can I reschedule my IndiGo flight?

Yes, IndiGo flights can be rescheduled but customers must pay a small fee.

What is the currency one needs when travelling to Bangkok?

Passengers travelling to Bangkok must have money in Thai Baht.

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