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When mundane schedules seem to drag, why not take a lazy break by an ancient seaport and watch the ships set sail? Just climb aboard a Doha to Kochi flight with IndiGo and get ready to meet the ‘’Queen of the Sea”. Carved by a huge flood some 600 years ago, the ancient port city of Kochi strikes you as a fascinating blend of history, beauty and the unique charm of a bustling coastal metropolis. From the iconic array of Chinese fishing nets to Portuguese and Dutch bungalows, every corner in Kochi tells a story about the many cultures that have shaped it over the centuries. With a fair share of its legends and a taste of its coastal cuisine, easily return on Kochi to Doha flights from IndiGo, with bags of stories, nostalgic experiences and the memories of a unique land by the sea.

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Kochi – the seaport where history, trade and the seas unite

Spread over a cluster of beautiful islands, Kochi has drawn trade merchants from all over the world for 600 years. Throughout the centuries, several Indian dynasties and diverse cultures such as the Chinese, Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese and the English have occupied Kochi, building picturesque houses, impressive colonial architecture, and curious fishing implements.

From nostalgic colonial markets, long seaport walks to relaxing ferry rides, and delectable cuisine, Kochi is a nostalgic experience packed with seaside surprises. To make the best of the city, plan your trip by making a flight booking from Doha to Kochi with IndiGo.

Things to do in Kochi

Experience the authentic native lifestyle at Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village.

Have a blast at the Cochin Carnival from 20th December to 2nd January.

Plan your trip within the end of August to mid-September to participate in the grand Onam festival.

Experience the unique 300-year-old Chendamangalam Matta Chanda barter market.

Take an evening stroll along Princess Street and explore the beautiful European architecture, quaint art galleries, cafes and souvenir shops.

Tourist attractions and historical monuments

The 14th-century Cheenavala or the Chinese fishing nets are one of the most iconic attractions of Kochi.

The Hill Palace Museum is one of the most famous landmarks in Kochi hosting the famous Cochin Royal Crown.

The Santacruz Basilica is the first European Church built in Asia by the Portuguese.

Places to shop at Kochi

Go shopping for European souvenirs at the grand souvenir shops and art galleries on Princess Street.

Shop for precious but affordable artworks at Isidore Art Palace. They bargain well and can ship outside India.

Go shopping for traditional authentic fashion at Kasavukada on Foreshore Road.

Best time of the year to visit Kochi

To experience Kochi at its best, plan your trip between the months of August and February. Onam is celebrated from the end of August to mid-September and the grand celebrations of Cochin Carnival, Christmas Eve and the New Year can be enjoyed during the month of December.

Modes of transport in Kochi

Public transport buses operated by the State Government and the city metro area the most economical modes of travel in Kochi. You could also hop on an auto rickshaw or call a radio taxi/ cab to explore the city. Being a seaport city, Kochi has its own ferry service that can be easily availed to travel between islands and many parts of the city.

Weather in Kochi

As a port city, Kochi has typically hot and humid weather with heavy rains in monsoons and comfortable winters. In summer, temperatures peak at 35 degree Celsius during the day. Monsoons are relatively cooler at 25 to 30 degree Celsius.

By the end of September, temperatures plummet to a comfortable 18 degree Celsius, remaining fairly consistent until February.

Airports in Kochi

29 KM from the city centre, Cochin International Airport is deemed as the busiest airport in Kerala connecting Kochi to Middle East Countries and a few places in South East Asia. You can make air ticket bookings for your onward travel from here on our Kochi to Dubai, Kochi to Doha, Kochi to Abu Dhabi, and Kochi to Kuwait flights.
Address: Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala 683111

Doha – the shimmering pearl of Qatar

With its humble roots planted in a small pearl fishing village, Doha is developing with leaps and bounds and is soon to become a star among the major cities of the Gulf. Amidst an impressive cityscape, bayside panoramas, pearl tours and sheesha breaks, Doha packs a lot of surprises and unique experiences. Not just Kochi, travelling from Doha to other places is made easy with IndiGo’s flights.

Things to do in Doha

Go on a Dhow boat ride from Corniche and explore the rolling waters of the bay.

Jump off a boat and swim to the island of Al-Safiya

Submerged in a middle eastern vibe, take a break at one of Doha’s Sheesha Cafés.

Visit the desert, experience the magic of singing sand dunes just 40 km outside the city.

Tourist attractions in Doha

Visit the iconic Museum of Islamic Art that showcases 1400 years of intricate Art from over three continents.

The Grand Mosque in Doha is an iconic structure and next to it lies the Old Clock Tower on a hill, with a unique face depicting Arabic numerals.

The Doha heritage village, located along the Corniche in Al Rumeila Park, offers various activities such as weaving, and pearl trading.

Places to shop at Doha

For a traditional middle-eastern shopping experience, visit the iconic souqs or markets in Doha. Pick up souvenirs and take in the Iranian ambience at the Souq Waqif.

You can also buy traditional incense and handwoven baskets at the Omani Souq on Haloul Street.

Best time to visit Doha

Doha has blazing hot desert weather with extreme highs during the summer months. It’s best to plan a trip anytime between December to March when the temperatures remain relatively cooler at 25 degree Celsius during the day to 16 degree Celsius at night.

Modes of transport in Doha

The most common mode of transport is Doha’s air-conditioned buses that cover the entire city, local taxis and the airport metro.

Weather in Doha

Doha has hot and dry desert weather when temperatures peak from April to November to almost 45 degree Celsius. The winter months of December to March are relieving as temperatures come down to an average of 25 degree Celsius during the day and 16 degree Celsius during the night.

Airports in Doha

The Hamad International Airport (DOH) is rapidly developing into one of the most important airports in the Persian Gulf with international flights connecting Doha to every part of the world.
Address: Airport Road, Doha, Qatar


FAQs about Doha to Kochi flights

How do I check my Doha to Kochi flight status?

You can check your flight PNR status from the IndiGo website- or through the IndiGo mobile application.

How much hand baggage can I carry?

You can carry up to seven kg hand baggage on Doha to Kochi flights.

Is my laptop included within the cabin baggage limit on my Doha to Kochi flight?

No. Your laptop is excluded from the cabin baggage, but the bag you carry it in shouldn’t weigh more than 3 kg in total.

How many flights fly from Doha to Kochi?

Please visit the website to know how many flights fly from Doha to Kochi, as it is subject to changes.

How early can I web check-in?

You can web check-in from 48 to one hour before the flight’s departure.

How early should I arrive for check-in at Doha International Airport?

IndiGo recommends that if you haven’t web checked-in, you should arrive at the airport at least one hour before your flight departure.

Do I need a separate Doha to Kochi flight ticket for my five-year-old?

Yes, you need a separate ticket for your child who exceeds 2 years of age.

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