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About Gorakhpur

Known as the cradle of Buddhism, Gorakhpur is located in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The city is an amalgamation of cultural and historical significance. It is the birthplace of Firaq Gorakhpuri. The renowned Hindi writer Sh. Munshi Premchand worked here, and so did the renowned poet Kabir Das. Gorakhpur is often associated with Gautam Buddha and Lord Mahavir. The famous Chauri Chaura incident occurred in the Chauri Chaura district of Gorakhpur.

Tourist attractions in Gorakhpur

One of the main attractions in Gorakhpur is Gorakhnath Temple. Ramgarh Tal, a lake spread over 700 hectares, Kushmi Forest, Arogya Mandir, Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium and Imambara are other famous spots that are a must-visit when in the city.

Things to do in Gorakhpur

When in Gorakhpur, you should visit the Arogya Mandir to avail a range of therapeutic body and mind therapies. It hosts 10-day camps that are held throughout the year. Besides, you can have a good time watching migratory birds fly over Ramgarh Tal. Known for its sal and sequoia trees, Kushmi Forest is another attraction in Gorakhpur. As per popular belief, if you make a wish at the Goddess Buddha’s Main shrine, located in the forest, it will come true. Veer Bahadur Singh Planetarium is a spot for children and for learning enthusiasts. Do not miss out on seeking the blessings of Roshan Ali Shah, a Muslim saint, from his 17th-century dargah - Imambara.

Airport in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur Airport is operated by the Airports Authority of India as a civil enclave at the Gorakhpur Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. IndiGo flights can be easily booked for and from this airport. The airport is engulfed with many facilities for the convenience of customers.

  • Airport Address - Airport Area, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, 273001
  • Airport IATA code – GOP

About Gaya

Gaya, the second-largest city of Bihar, has ancient, mythological and historical significance. It derived its name from a mythological demon, Gayasur, who was blessed by Lord Vishnu after serving rigid penance; his body was transformed into the rocky hills, now forming the landscape of Gaya. Hindus perform pind daan here. There are various Jain temples. Gaya is also important for Buddhists as Buddha preached the Fire Sermon at Brahmayoni Hill, which was earlier called Gayasisa.

Tourist attractions in Gaya

Vishnupad Temple located on the banks of the Falgu River is associated with the Gayasur myth. The famous Tibetan monastery containing Buddhist scriptures and documents has a 10-metre-high Dharmachakra or wheel of law painted in gold and red. Another famous attraction is the Bodhi or Rajyaghatna tree where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. It also has the famous Ratnakara, Gaya Ghats and Dungeshwari Cave Temple.

Things to do in Gaya

Gaya has a lot to offer for culture, history and mythological enthusiasts. The piousness of the city attracts many tourists from all walks of life. If you are looking to learn more about Buddhist history, then do visit the Tibetan monastery. If you are a pilgrim, then you must visit Vishnupad Temple, Ratnaghara, Gaya Ghats and Dungeshwari Cave Temple.

Airport in Gaya

Gaya International Airport or Bodhgaya Airport is an international airport, located 5 km away from Bodhgaya, Gautama Buddha’s place of enlightenment. It is the gateway of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage of the world. It operates permanent pilgrimage flights from Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Japan.

  • Airport Address - Gaya-Sherghati Road, Gaya, Bihar 823004
  • Airport IATA code - GAY

FAQs about Gaya to Gorakhpur flights

What is the aerial distance between Gaya and Gorakhpur?

The cities of Gaya and Gorakhpur are located at an aerial distance of about 1,058 km.

How many terminals does Gaya airport have?

There are two airport terminals. Terminal 1 is for domestic flights and terminal 2 is for international flights.

Does IndiGo provide any add-on offers?

Yes, IndiGo offers excess baggage and fast forward options to its passengers.

Is there any specific discount provided by IndiGo on flights booked via credit cards?

Yes, IndiGo provides cashback offers on using specific credit cards. For more details, you can visit or IndiGo's application.

Does Gorakhpur have budget-friendly hotels?

Yes, Gorakhpur has many budget-friendly hotels. One can book partner hotels through the IndiGo website or app.

How far is the terracotta town from Gorakhpur city?

The terracotta town is 9 to 17 km away from Gorakhpur city.

Is there any water park in Gorakhpur?

Yes, Neer Nikunj is a water park in the city with water sports and amusement facilities for all age groups.

Is there a zoo in Gorakhpur?

Yes, Vinod Van, located in Gorakhpur, is one of the biggest zoos in east Uttar Pradesh.

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