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07:30 - 19:10
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Travelling from southern to central India is seamless on IndiGo’s Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights. IndiGo provides you with the best Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flight fares when booking from the official website or mobile app, as well as the facility to have your boarding pass e-mailed to you. IndiGo has several attractive offers and discounts for your Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flight tickets. Travel super safe and sanitized with IndiGo during these trying times on IndiGo’s lean, clean flying machine. When you book flight tickets with IndiGo, you can also avail several new schemes like 6E Double Seat and 6E Multi Seat that have been started for the added safety of passengers due to the pandemic.

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Visit the official website of IndiGo and book flight tickets for your Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights and vice-versa. During the time you book flight tickets on the official website, get hold of the all new Tough Cookie Discount offer if you’re medical personnel. However, if you’re not, even then IndiGo has some amazing offers for you where you can reserve your Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flight tickets by paying just 10% of the flight fares. This is the all new Flex Pay option provided by IndiGo. You can pay the remainder later on when you are near your travel date of Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights. Finally, don’t forget to print your boarding pass online before reaching the airport.

Hygiene and safety on connecting flights from Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur

Book flight tickets with IndiGo without fear because all Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights that are connecting flights are sanitized and maintained as per the strict government regulations. When you produce your boarding pass upon entry to the aircraft, know that all components of the flights that are exposed to public touch are routinely sanitized so that you can enjoy your Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights with the peace of mind. In fact the 6E Double Seat and 6E Multi Seat plans have been started to give passengers the added facility to socially distance themselves during the flight.

About Jabalpur

Formerly known as Jubbulpore after annexation by the British colonial rulers, the city of Jabalpur has a history deep rooted in India’s past. It was the former kingdom of the once highly prosperous Kalachuri and Rajgond dynasties. Now, the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur has a lot more to offer than you can take in.

Tourist attractions in Jabalpur

Jabalpur features the most mesmerising and intriguing natural wonders like the Dhuandhar falls, the towering cliffs made of marble rock, Madan Mahal Fort that has been carved out of solid boulders, and the self-balancing rock which is a true geological marvel.

Things to do in Jabalpur

Taking a boat ride on the gondolas and sailing along the stream surrounded by the marble rocks or venturing into tigers’ territory at Kanha National Park, the choice is yours. Nonetheless, each activity has its own unique perks and there are several other fun things to do in Jabalpur.

Airport in Jabalpur

The single terminal Jabalpur Airport despite its meagre setting is capable of handling 125 passengers during the peak tourist seasons. It is a well-equipped airport with IndiGo flying several weekly flights in and out to major metropolitan cities of India from here.

  • Airport Address - Airport Road, Dumna, Madhya Pradesh 482005
  • Airport IATA code - JLR

About Thiruvananthapuram

Trivandrum, as it was previously known is an archaic city dotted with the remnants of the British colonial rule similar to Kolkata. Thiruvananthapuram is now a metropolitan city and the capital of Kerala. With the lustre of ancient Hindu palaces and British architecture, it definitely does live up to its name of being the home to the 18th century Travancore rulers.

Tourist attractions in Thiruvananthapuram

Like all coastal cities, Thiruvananthapuram has its fair share of beaches. And, Shangumugham Beach is one of the top tourist attractions here. Other hotspots for tourists are Kuthira Malika which is a museum of sorts and the majestic Vellayani Lake. Besides, there are several other sites where tourists flock every year.

Things to do in Thiruvananthapuram

Not just foodies but all types of tourists enjoy the unique filter coffee that is a speciality of Thiruvananthapuram. From watching the traditional Kathakali dance sequences to skydiving, Thiruvananthapuram falls short where your imagination can’t take you.

Airport in Thiruvananthapuram

Trivandrum International Airport is aesthetically slick and has two exclusive terminals for handling domestic and international flights. The domestic Terminal 1 is known to handle a total of 1000 incoming and outgoing passengers and its international counterpart handles a total of 800 passengers.

  • Airport Address - Airport Rd, Chacka, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695008
  • Airport IATA code - TRV

FAQs about Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights

Can I book 6E Seat and Eat for my Thiruvananthapuram to Jabalpur flights?

Yes, you can easily book 6E Seat and Eat for any of IndiGo’s flight routes when making your flight ticket bookings.

Can I avail Wi-Fi at Jabalpur Airport upon arrival?

Jabalpur Airport does not have a free Wi-Fi but all prominent mobile operators provide their data roaming services and you can avail that easily at Jabalpur Airport.

Which places in Jabalpur should be first on my itinerary?

The first three places on your Jabalpur itinerary should most definitely be Dhuandhar Falls, Marble Rocks, and Balancing Rock.

Is it easy to manage my IndiGo flight booking once I’ve made the reservation? 

Yes, IndiGo gives you the facility to reschedule, edit, and even cancel your booking at any point of time from the official website or mobile app. 

What is the 6E Rewards program?

6E Rewards offered by IndiGo enables you as a member, to avail even more unbelievable discounts, offers, and cashback on your journeys with IndiGo.

Why should I book directly from the IndiGo website?

Booking with IndiGo directly on mobile or from the official website gives you the added perks of zero convenience fees during cancellation as well as the lowest possible airfares.

How has IndiGo made every aircraft lean, clean flying machines?

IndiGo sanitizes every aircraft after every flight on strict government and WHO guidelines. Moreover, maintaining contactless travel is also a major point of concern on all IndiGo lean, clean flying machines. When hopping aboard a lean, clean, flying machine, you’re requested to maintain hand hygiene and wear your face mask at all times.

Is it mandatory for me to provide a health declaration before I travel on IndiGo flights?

Yes, given the current situation, a health declaration has become mandatory before travelling on IndiGo flights. It has been enforced as per the governmental guidelines in order to ensure the safety of all passengers flying with IndiGo.

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